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Top 7 Reasons to see this East Hampton Pool Home before it's SOLD:

  1. Location. East Hampton is at 9A and Baymeadows, a very popular and very convenient location.  5 minutes to the town center and a short drive to the beach.
  2. Pool! If you are shopping for a home or a pool, you know that buying a home with an existing pool is far more affordable than installing your own custom built pool.
  3. Resale demand. Nothing stands out faster than pool homes!
  4. Concrete Block Construction. Pulte Homes built this home with concrete first floor and wood frame 2nd floor....standard practice for 2 story concrete block homes in Florida.
  5. Floor Plan. This 5 bedroom floor plan was one of the top selling plans by the builder.  Everyone wanted it:  5 bedrooms,
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American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. Short Sales


AHMSI Short Sale

Let me just start by saying.....I'm a big fan of AHMSI short sales.  They are easy to work with, they are relatively fast, and they are very reasonable on home values and purchase prices.

Why are they so good?

  • We have an "in" as they are right here in Jacksonville Florida
  • AHMSI is big enough but not mega bank big
  • AHMSI has processes set up to handle the incoming volume of short sales
  • They are friendly....maybe because we are selling houses in their backyard?

If you have AHMSI as your mortgage company, and you need to sell your home via a short sale, you should rest assured that you have one of the better banks for us to work with.

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You drive past these homes everyday on your way to work.  You see them everywhere you go in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra.  It's the home for sale that's been for sale F O R E V E R.  The only thing that has changed is usually the real estate company's sign.

So why hasn't the home sold?  Is it the market?  Is it the condition of the home?  Is it the location?

No, none of the above. It's your REALTOR. Your REALTOR's job is to market and sell the home in the fastest time for the highest dollar the market will bear.  In order to market and sell you must create demand.  To create demand the home must be marketed accordingly with the correct photos, videos, advertising online and off, and pricing aggressively.  If all is being done correctly and showings

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Question of the week:  How long does Foreclosure take in Florida?

The answer is simple and cloudy:  Forever....sometimes.

In the first three months of 2011, the average foreclosure in Florida took 619 days, according to RealtyTrac Inc.  For the math challenged, that's just shy of 2 years.  The calculation is from the time a home owner receives the Lis Pendens paperwork (you've been served) to the actual auction of the property.

619 days is average....that means some are much faster and some are much slower.

The real question behind the question is usually:  "How much longer do I have before they kick me out of here for good?"

In response to the real question, I'd respond with, "It's time to take control of your situation and stop waiting

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If, and only if, the house going on the market will be correctly marketed:   The right listing price will create 3 items EVERY home seller should want:

  1. Showings:  The correct listing price from the beginning will generate showings at almost day 1 and will continue until the property receives offers and then goes under contract.
  2. Multiple Offers: A listing price that is aggressive will not only generate many showings but will also generate offers and usually multiple offers.
  3. A Fast Sale and Closing!

How to choose the listing price? As your listing REALTOR, I provide a complete market analysis to the homes currently on the market as your competition and comparable homes that have sold recently.   It's human nature to instantly start

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