Sell a home in Foreclosure

Posted by Brad Officer on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 6:31pm.

Question of the week:

Can I sell my home if I'm in Foreclosure?

Answer: Absolutely you can sell your home once in Foreclosure!

In Florida, your foreclosure begins once you have been served papers which is technically called Lis Pendens.  This is the legal notice that your lender is bringing a law suit against you in order to legally take the property.  From this point you are in Pre-Foreclosure.

During the Pre-Foreclosure stage the lien holder will keep moving forward through the legal system and eventually have a hearing where the auction date/sale date will be set.

At any point during this long process, you have the ability to sell your house.  HOWEVER, time is of the utmost importance!  The sooner you make contact with us, or any other REALTOR group, the higher the chance of a successful outcome.

More than likely, you will need to complete a short sale.  What is a Short Sale?  Mortgage companies are very interested in taking a short sale once your home is in foreclosure, so this is a great time to get the ball rolling!

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