Atlantic Beach Oceanfront and Waterfront Homes Atlantic Beach Oceanfront Homes

Waterfront homes in Atlantic Beach Florida are here!  Easy search both intracoastal homes with docks and oceanfront homes in Atlantic Beach, FL.  Atlantic Beach is one of the top locations in Jacksonville and a prime location for those wanting to live on the ocean and enjoy this great lifestyle of beachfront living in this upscale and luxury area of Jacksonville.  

Many of our customers like to compare how far their dollar will go in different areas of town.  Here are some of the more popular waterfront searches used on our site:

Atlantic Beach Oceanfront Real Estate

Just 2.5 miles of oceanfront real estate exist in Atlantic Beach Florida.  That's a super limited amount of inventory!  If you have the means available, this is a must buy area of oceanfront property.  You will own some of the most prized real estate in North Florida and will have an ever supply of ready buyers if you should ever let this small piece of heaven out of your family ownership... which we advise you never do!  Buy oceanfront, and keep it in the family!

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