Fernandina Beach Condos With The Best Amenities

Located on Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Northeast Florida and also happens to be the northernmost city on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Fernandina Beach is known state and countrywide for its world-class golf courses, miles of gorgeous coastline, and vast assortment of wildlife. The white sand and crystal clear waters on Fernandina Beach’s shores have made it a popular destination for those in search of rest and relaxation. Residents can take advantage of the laid back lifestyle and tranquil atmosphere all-year round, thanks to the region’s warm climate. Many of Fernandina Beach’s condo communities also provide residents with top-notch amenities to make their time spent at home even sweeter.

Amelia By…

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Fernandina Beach Condos With Direct Beach Access

Fernandina Beach is one of Northeast Florida’s greatest treasures. The northernmost city on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, Fernandina Beach is a gorgeous part of Amelia Island that is hailed for its expanses of stunning coastline, with beaches replete with bright white sand and crystal clear waters. Residents and visitors to Fernandina Beach enjoy some of the area’s most highly-regarded golf courses and miles of picturesque coastlines as well as an abundance of wildlife. Those seeking a place to relax, rest, and recharge need look no further than Fernandina Beach. Year-round warm weather makes it the perfect spot to put your feet up and soak in the sun all day long before heading into the city’s bustling historic downtown district for great dining and…

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Walkable Communities in St. Augustine FL

St. Augustine is not only famous for its gorgeous beaches and lively nightlife scene, but it also happens to be the oldest city in the United States. Because the city’s origins predate cars, there are a number of areas within St. Augustine that remain highly walkable to this day. Those who are considering relocating to St. Augustine who appreciate running errands on foot or walking as part of a healthy lifestyle have numerous neighborhoods from which to choose. Whether you’re in search of a bustling historic district or a serene enclave of nature, St. Augustine offers walkable communities to suit every homebuyer’s preferences.

Historic Downtown

Lifelong residents and transplants alike flock to St. Augustine’s Historic Downtown neighborhood,…

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Condo Communities Closest to Downtown St. Augustine

The oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine is a city that is as rich with American history as it is with stunning beaches and warm, sunny weather. St. Augustine’s Historic Downtown district is one of the city’s most highly sought-after neighborhoods, and both residents and visitors alike take advantage of its walkability. Many people who enjoy a bustling city lifestyle will feel right at home living near Downtown St. Augustine, and choosing a condo close to the heart of the city means that dining, nightlife, and shopping are all right within reach. There are a number of condominium communities located only a short distance from Historic Downtown, offering homebuyers plenty of desirable options. 

Lakeview Condos

Built in 1935, the…

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Best Luxury Home Builders Jacksonville FL

Known for its expansive, stunning beaches as much as its friendly, tree-lined streets, Jacksonville is one of the most highly sought-after destinations for those moving to Northeast Florida. Jacksonville is home to world-class fishing, gorgeous parks, and a bustling dining scene, making it the perfect place to call home. The city offers all different types of homes in a number of unique neighborhoods, including countless luxury homes and estates. Not surprisingly, some of the best luxury home builders in Northeast Florida can be found right here in the Jacksonville area, including the highly rated companies featured below.

Gifford Homes

301 W Bay St Suite 14155, Jacksonville, FL 32202

A multi-generational business, Gifford Homes has been…

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St. Augustine Equestrian Communities

In addition to being known for its gorgeous beaches and rich American history, St. Augustine is popular among equestrians for its impressive horseback riding community. The city is home to countless stables, equestrian centers, and over 120 acres of horseback riding trails. St. Augustine’s horseback riding scene is perfectly suited to those only just learning the sport as well as seasoned equestrians, and one of the best ways to explore the city’s horse-friendly areas is by way of a guided tour on horseback. Perhaps most unique to the area is that some beaches even allow horseback riding so long as riders attain the necessary permits. Whether horseback riding is a part-time hobby or full-time passion, St. Augustine is home to a number of equestrian…

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Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville

Executive Summary / disclaimer:  "best" is subjective.  When looking for the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, be careful who you listen to... everyone has an opinion, but it's absolutely subjective...  

Why you should listen to me: 

  1. I'm a REALTOR with over 18 years of experience within the Northeast Florida location. 
  2. I've lived in 6 different homes in the Jacksonville area including multiple locations within Jacksonville and St Johns county. 
  3. I've purchased additional homes that I've renovated and re-sold or rented.   
  4. I'm also privy to the information as to how many inquiries we have per location.
  5. I have the intel on which locations resell the best. 

One big tip if you are concerned about resale in the future: choose…

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Best Neighborhoods in St. Augustine FL

St. Augustine is one of Florida’s most cherished gems, as it is not only the oldest city in the United States, but also an incredibly popular destination for natives and guests alike. St. Augustine contains a wide assortment of unique neighborhoods that each offer their own signature flavor, attractions, and history. Whether you are a lifelong resident or new to the area, these St. Augustine neighborhoods are worth exploring.

Historic Downtown

The heart of St. Augustine, Historic Downtown is where the bulk of the city’s dining, shopping, hotels, and attractions can be found. This region is the oldest part of St. Augustine and some buildings in Historic Downtown date as far back as the 1700s. The neighborhood is extremely walkable and a day spent…

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Most Expensive Neighborhoods in St. Augustine

Known for owning the title of oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine is a city location on the northeast coast of Florida that attracts new residents and tourists alike throughout the year. Neighborhoods in St. Augustine features stunning architecture, often inspired by the Spanish colonial style, and residents of the area can enjoy easy access to white sandy beaches, like Crescent Beach and St. Augustine Beach. While the majority of neighborhoods in the greater St. Augustine area offer affordable options for home buyers with all different budgets, there are a handful of luxurious communities that are far more expensive, offering residents larger homes with top-shelf finishes and beautifully manicured grounds. If you’re considering a move to…

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Jacksonville Neighborhoods With Tree Lined Streets

For many people, the quintessential real estate dream is finding a house to call home on a stunning, tree-lined street. Jacksonville is home to a number of neighborhoods that offer residents this slice of peaceful, verdant perfection. Located on the Atlantic coast of the Sunshine State, Jacksonville offers residents the opportunity to live in a suburban sanctuary that provides easy access to the heart of the city. With its beautiful beaches, up and coming restaurant scene, countless colleges, and booming job market, Jacksonville is gaining momentum as one of the most sought-after cities for those relocating to the Southeast. If tree-lined streets reflect your ideal place to put down roots, these Jacksonville neighborhoods may be worth exploring during…

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