I'm getting more and more inquiries from investors in Jacksonville.  Many are asking for help finding a short sale, foreclosed, or bank owned REO home.

Real Estate Agent for Investors in Jacksonville

I've been a real estate investor in Jacksonville since 2005.  I've purchased some bad deals and some really good deals.  Finding the right deal is the hardest part - by far!

To find the right deal, know your exit strategy.  Do you intend to rent out for positive cash flow, flip for profit, or a combination of the two?  In today's market, a buy and hold strategy is dominant as you have a very good chance of having positive cash flow.

How to find the deal? You must know the rent rates of the area and the home you are considering.  If the monthly…

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Looking for a professional Real Estate Agent in Jacksonville, FL to sell your home?

In today's home market, selling a home requires a competitive nature and a professional real estate agent.

You must have  a competitive nature in that your home for sale in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra needs to be more attractive than your neighbors home for sale - you are competing.  Better curb appeal (good curb appeal tips here), cleaner, updated, and priced right are a requirement if you are serious about selling.  Think of it this way, there is someone looking to buy a home in your neighborhood, maybe even on your street, right now.  You want them to buy your home over your neighbors!  Check out these Sell a home in Jacksonville Tips.

Your professional real…

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Cramer, with his crazy attitude, is declaring the housing bottom is here.  He specifically addresses some of the hardest hit areas like Florida.  He talks about banks holding mortgages, new home builders, foreclosures, and the $8000 first time home buyers program.

A good video with a lot of good info.  Main take away: He believes, for the most part, depreciation of homes is coming to an end in most places.  He isn't calling for appreciation, however I think all Jacksonville home owners will be glad to get away from the value free fall.

How does this affect waterfront homes in Jacksonville?  Every area of the housing market has been hit hard.  Waterfront homes have dropped in value, but many times the drop has been necessary to bring the price back…

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If you have been shopping for a home in Jacksonville and are working with a mortgage broker or bank for a home mortgage, rates are bouncing all over the place.

Rates have moved a little and sometimes a lot.  Sometimes up as much as a half point a day. WSJ reported on the rising rates here.

How does this affect you?  If you are purchasing a home and you intend to have a $200,000 mortgage, and your rate went from 5.5% to 6.125% , your payment just went up $80 per month.

Will this trend continue?  Well, check out The Daily Mortgage Reports.  Dan has an article that talks about summer trends.  Just about every summer, rates go up.  (Kind of like gas going up just in time for summer travel).

Is it Time to Buy a Home in Jacksonville?

Yes! Rates…

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Stumbled across this site on the web this week:  Metro Jacksonville. These  guys are covering stories and news on many issues in and around Jacksonville, FL.

Topics include:  News, Urban Issues, Transit, Neighborhoods, Learning From, History, Opinion, Development, and Culture.  Great information, articles, and full of good photos in all of these sections.  Best of all, the site is what I consider "fresh".  Definition:  Not old school Stale!

They even cover different Jacksonville real estate issues and real estate developments being built in and around the city.  Great site, check them out.

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Positive economic news is starting to float around the news channels more frequently.

This article from the Jacksonville Business Journal,  is calling for the end of the recession in the third quarter and even a stabilization of the housing market.  The article goes on to state that they expect a slight increase in housing values in 2010!

Additional positive news, Jacksonville is seeing some signs of a drop in the unemployment rate.   This graph from Google shows the unemployment rate for Jacksonville compared to Florida and the US overall.  Interesting to see the last high point in the 90's and the 8 years of falling unemployment that followed.  Will history repeat?

Jacksonville.com reports this story, as many economic indicators are…

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There are many graphs and charts showing the housing market, but I like this one.  This one is different in that it shows the actual emotions of what we feel as homeowners going through a major real estate cyle like we have all just experienced.

We are currently seeing the "Point of Maximum Financial Opportunity".  How long will it continue has been argued by many economist.  Doesn't matter.  The main point is that now is a great time to buy a home in Jacksonville, FL......especially waterfront homes!

If you are already a home owner, notice the graph goes up and goes down.  We are always somewhere on this cycle as the cycle will keep going on forever.  Amazingly, home prices always go up over the long term.  Proof:  Not many people will agree to…

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Jacksonville RE/MAX Agent

Ready to sell a home in Jacksonville?   A RE/MAX agent should be your first phone call.  To sell a home in Jacksonville you need the Marketing which creates traffic (Potential Buyers).  My motto:  Traffic = Sales.

With the RE/MAX marketing exposure, your choice is an easy one.  A short list of RE/MAX marketing and advertising in action:

  • Best Internet Exposure: #1 Most visited website of a Real Estate Company in the world.  Over 2.3 million unique visitors per month.  Almost all home buyers start their search on-line, this gives you a competitive edge.
  • Dominates the industry in Advertising: Selling a home in this market requires big marketing and advertising.  RE/MAX does more advertising which drives more…

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Jacksonville Florida Lifestyle

When shopping for a new home in Jacksonville, FL, one major consideration is your lifestyle.  Any house will be made your home, however your lifestyle is affected by the neighborhood and location in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra.  A few lifestyle considerations:

  • Family: If you have family in the area, you may want to live as close to them as possible.  Family gatherings, Sunday dinners, Birthday parties, child sitting, etc, is all easier when you are closer to the fam.
  • Beach/Ocean: Jacksonville residents live so close to what so many pay dearly to come and see.  The beach is a great attraction and a great place for family and friends.  Want to walk to the beach, ride a bike to the beach, or be a short drive?

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Searching for Foreclosures in Jacksonville?

If you are searching for a foreclosure or bank owned home in Jacksonville, timing is critical if you intend to pick up a good deal.  With a major portion of the sales being distressed sales, the good deals get swiped up quickly!

To get the latest and greatest info on bank owned homes or foreclosures in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, Sign up on our site.  THE List gets emailed out weekly and contains the most recent, new listings of bank owned and foreclosed homes.

Shopping is easier when you know where the Deals are!

The list is free, and I won't even call and bug you.  When you are ready to work with professional Jacksonville Real Estate Agent to represent you on the purchase of your next home or the…

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