More positive news for Florida Real Estate

Stand back!  The positive real estate news has started!

Many are calling the bottom of the housing market this past April as more stats keep hitting the market on sales volume and pricing.  For now, there are still too many homes on the market to meet the demand which would point us towards the supply and demand curve of our Econ 201 days.  However, it appears to be picking up and there is even a a little buzz in the air.

This is a short round up of the latest news housing news:

Case Shiller Report: This report indicates 95% of markets are seeing home price improvements.  That's 95% of the markets they track.  Their gauge isn't exactly scientific as it only tracks 20 markets.  That being said, it is…

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The real estate market has presented an incredible opportunity for Florida vacation home buyers.   Values have dropped off their highs in 2005 and many sellers are now very willing to start negotiations at much lower prices.  This has prompted many vacation home buyers to get back in the market.

What's most important for Florida vacation home buyers? If you were to ask 10 prospective buyers the same question, you would get several common answers:

  • Proximity to the beach or ON the beach
  • Golfing in the community or very close by
  • Waterfront home or boating access
  • Close to the airport for easy access
  • High Quality medical facilities nearby

TOP 2 Misconceptions of Florida Vacation home buyers:

  1. Condos Only: Some vacation home…

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I've had continued interest from waterfront home buyers looking for foreclosures and  bank owned homes in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra FL.  There are several great deals out there on these homes, but you have to know where to look.

Searching for Waterfront Foreclosures?

Bank Owned Waterfront Homes: I did a quick search this morning and found 10 homes that are waterfront bank owned homes.  These are homes that are classified as "navigable" waterfront.  A list of 10 is not many, but they are sure to result in a good deal for the right buyers!  A bank owned home is a home that has already gone through the foreclosure process and has ended up back in the banks hands.  The banks don't want these homes & they take legitimate offers from legitimate…

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Say the word "Short Sale" around any group of real estate agents in Jacksonville, FL or any where else in the country, and you should just sit down and get ready for a lengthy debate.

Some agents absolutely despise working with short sales and simply won't work with them as a seller's agent or a buyer's agent.  A few real estate agents specialize in short sales regardless of their feelings towards the often difficult process.  Home buyers and sellers are frustrated too.  

What's the issue with Short Sales?

  1. Banks' inefficiencies: The banks are a complete mess.  Most have little to no processes set up for doing short sales.  This is the root problem for most complaints.
  2. Paperwork mess: Unless the homeowner and real estate agent are very…

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