I've seen too many homes for sale that have garages piled with junk. 

Boxes, give away items, garage sale items, and just your normal messy garage items. It's of my opinion that you can draw a conclusion how a home has been cared for based on the garage.  Messy garage = deferred maintenance house.  Clean and organized garage = well cared for home.  It's not scientific, but I bet you can think of friends and family members that support the theory. 

Further reasons to care about the garage:  If momma buys because of kitchen and baths, what turns on daddy?  Garage, yard, and office/man room.  Knowing this, home sellers should pay more attention to the garage. 

Clean it.  Organize it.  Paint the floors.  It is after all, part of your home. …

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Spring is here for the Real Estate market in Jacksonville Florida!

Traditionally, Spring brings a lot of new listings followed by a flood of home shoppers.  Sellers are anxious to get their home on the market as one of the hottest home buying seasons is just around the corner. 

This Spring follows the traditional trend, however a few interesting facts about the Jacksonville Real Estate market thus far:

  • New listings have been hitting the market, BUT overall available inventory is WAY DOWN!  I'm talking half compared to 4 years ago.  
    • Will this trigger a Seller's market in the months to come? 
    • Could the coming wave of bank owned properties finally be released on the market for sale?
  • Multiple offers on Investment condos in the $50k…

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