We are seeing some signs of progress for rising prices.  Albeit a few percentage points increase from the drastically depressed values - but hey - positive is better than flat and a whole lot better than declines in value! News is everywhere of the housing pick up.  Here's a good video:

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Odd trend in the market.  The inventory of homes available to purchase in Jacksonville has plummeted.  I'm talking full on nose dive and it hasn't started pulling up to level off yet.  BUT - the average number of days on market has actually increased. My theory:  Lower priced homes are being snatched up by investors in record numbers.  I have several very large, institutionally large, investment firms that I market properties directly to.  They are buying site unseen and cash closings.  As fast as we can get them on the market......within their pre-set parameters.  That handles the lower priced market.  HOWEVER, the middle priced and up are still sitting.  $400,000 + seems to be sitting and waiting just like a few years ago.  I'd like to see this trend…

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