Helping a good friend locate, negotiate, and close on their first Waterfront Home in Jacksonville, we were just finishing up our final walk thru the day of closing and witnessed a spectacular scene.  

This picture is just off the back of their new waterfront home overlooking the water, and that's a Bald Eagle hunting a seagull! (which he caught and flew off with).  You just don't see this everyday!

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Citi Mortgage Short Sale Success!

One of my favorite banks to work with on Short Sales has to be Citi Mortgage.  Fast, responsive, and realistic.  

Too often we get counter offers from banks that are 2006 prices - knowing the house will never appraise at such a blown out price, we have to go through the lengthy value dispute.  Citi hasn't done this as much, and they seem to be realistic on values.  

This particular short sale in Jacksonville was another fast sale.  The home was on the market for just a few weeks and the 3rd showing went to contract.  Buyers were very fast with all addendum request and the Sellers were super fast with all updated documents as requested by the bank.  

We received the approval letter and full…

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 great article by Donna Fuscaldo, @donnabail on Twitter, for  The article covers How To Speed Up The Short Sale Process.  Not only well written, but they used a very credible source:  Brad Officer  of RE/MAX & a Redfin Broker out of Phoenix, Marcus Fleming.  

How to Speed Up The Short Sale Process

  1. Start with Professionals:  This is probably the largest Debt you have -therefore work with a Short Sale Specialist.  Every agent has jumped on the bandwagon of becoming a "Certified Distressed Expert", but come on?!?!  Research your chosen agent, make sure they have a clue and not just a 3 hour class.  
  2. You must use an Attorney:  Forget what your bank told you about it being as easy as submitting a few documents.  It's not that…

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