853 Days average time for a Foreclosure in Florida!

That is correct, not a typo.  I've been using an old statistic from back in 2011 that had us above 600 days on average.  I now stand corrected.  

853 Days!!!

Interesting note:  That's average.  That means some are shorter and potentially much shorter and some are longer and much longer.  For the non-math incline, 853 = about 2 years and 4 months!

How fast can I buy a new house after a Foreclosure?

That is a hot topic right now.  The most lenient of opportunities currently resides with using an FHA loan.  They will allow a purchase 3 years from the anniversary date after a Short Sale or a Foreclosure.  Of course, that's takes into account that you have rebuilt your credit and have the…

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Interesting trends in Waterfront home sales in Jacksonville over the last few years.  At one point in the not so distant past, I thought I was out of the waterfront business for good.  Sales were beyond slow, a bazillion waterfront home owners were calling me to list and sell their homes at prices the market just wouldn't pay, and banks just wouldn't lend money unless luxury buyers had at least 30% to put down.  With that ongoing trend - I had to switch around my business to stay in business.  It worked and I stayed in business and still managed to stay a top producer and consistently grow my business year after year. 

Things have changed in the Jacksonville real estate market!  Waterfront is back in business in a big way, and it's a great time to…

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This picture was taken on the St Johns River in St Johns County while showing homes.  Great set up!  Check out all waterfront real estate currently on the market.

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