Julington Creek Home For Sale

Another happy seller that agreed to price the home correctly.  12 days on the Jacksonville MLS, multiple offers, and now under contract, this Julington Creek Home For Sale was a hot showing for few days.  We had so many showings, even the seller was ready for them to slow down! 

Of course it helps that this house is very well cared for and the home owner has done everything to get and keep the home in show ready condition.  

Thinking about Selling your Jacksonville Home and Real Estate?  Give us a call or send a quick note, and we can discuss getting you top dollar in the fastest amount of time.  

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Jacksonville Short Sale Success

Another Happy Home Seller!  This home was a challenge, but what short sale isn't?  The Seller needed to sell due to a relocation, and like so many other homes in Jacksonville, it had lost half it's value from the peak.  

We listed the home and sold it quickly, but the all cash hedge fund investor cancelled all contracts within specific zip codes.  Really ticked a lot of listing agents off and not to mention a lot of sellers!

Round 2:  We sold to another all cash hedge fund investor, got the approval from the seller's bank, and then the buyers requested tens of thousands in repairs. Mostly just paint, carpet, landscaping, etc.  A joke really.  Of course the bank declined their inspection request, so we went back on…

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There are thousands of articles that have been written on this subject, but overall they are all missing the #1 key ingredient.  

If you have a home that you'd like to sell, I'd naturally conclude that you've cleaned things up.  I'd assume you've fixed all the little things that have been bugging you for years.  I'd think you have already de-cluttered the rooms and removed any funky artwork that spoke to you back in 92.  I'd also like to believe that you have completed paint touch ups to all the baseboards and heavy wear areas.  You've cleaned the floors and replaced carpet if need be.  

I'd also think you have taken the time to give attention to the outside of the home.  You spent a couple weekends cleaning out weeds, pruning, and adding fresh…

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