Straight from the Florida Association's newsletter and real estate attorney/writer Gary Singer:

"Borrowers must be as persistent as ever. Get all your information together and jump through all the hoops that are presented to you. Send in the same paperwork again and again, reply to all requests quickly and fully, document everything, and always remain calm, polite and cooperative when dealing with the bank's representatives."


Basically this article stated that Short Sales aren't getting an easier.  Although, you would think after the government has gotten so involved that it would be much easier by now right?  (please pick up on the heavy sarcasm as I was laying it down pretty thick)

If you find yourself needing a short sale, hire a…

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Ocwen / Altisource has an interesting process for Short Sales.  Here is Ocwens Short Sale Process:

  1. They have the REALTOR list the property for sale
  2. Realtors does all the marketing
  3. Realtor handles all the calls and showings
  4. Realtor negotiates the highest and best contract
  5. Realtor submits the contract to Ocwen no less than 3 times
  6. Realtor handles all the erroneous document request
  7. and then just when you think you've got an approval.... They require to have the home listed for sale on is an online auction company owned by Ocwen .  Hubzu is an unknown real estate auction website up to this point, although they will probably generate some traffic as Ocwen is forcing buyers to use the site.  

To make…

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