Congrats to the Sellers and Buyers for the sale of 4925 S. River Basin in Empire Point

Empire Point, located just East of downtown Jacksonville, San Marco, and St Nicholas has quite the collection of waterfront homes.  The neighborhood was developed by land owners, the Durkee family back in the 1950's.  Many of the current residents are original owners or quite often family members of original owners.  Empire Point is going through a renovation phase currently as many Jacksonville residents have discovered this private neighborhood.  It is a very quick boat ride to the Everbank Stadium or to downtown, and is just minutes away from some of the top private schools:  Episcopal, Bolles, and Bishop Kenny.  

Empire Point Waterfront Homes

Congrats to the new owners of this…

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Straight from CoreLogic, they've released this telling chart that displays the rise the plummet and the rise again in home prices.  This is a national look, but could be argued that it closely replicates what has been happening in Jacksonville FL over the same period.  It's interesting to see the small downward dip that we are currently experiencing in home prices.  I had fully expected a continued increase in prices but it looks to be not the case thus far.  

Chart displaying changes in home prices year over year

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Another interesting graphic from CoreLogic's recent market index report.  Here it shows just how far we here in Florida are off the peak values.  Many states are already near recovered or fully recovered, but we are still so far below peak values.  Ouch!  Looks like short sales and foreclosures will continue in Florida for some time to come.  

Infographic on Peak House Prices to Current House Prices

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