Ponte Vedra Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida is best described as a scenic suburb full of desirable homes in a seaside setting. With large floor plans and exceptional private amenities, some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the entire Jacksonville area are perfectly situated in Ponte Vedra, continuing to make it a top destination for luxury home buyers. So whether you’re searching for the ultimate seasonal residence or a magnificent place you can call home all year long, here’s a closer look at where you’ll find some of Ponte Vedra’s most impressive real estate. 

East Coast Canal Estates

Luxury homes abound in the exceptional community of East Coast Canal Estates. This Ponte Vedra Beach community offers some new construction homes and some more established…

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St. Augustine Neighborhoods With Colonial Homes

Given St. Augustine is the oldest city in the country, it's hardly surprising you'll find an abundance of classic architectural styles in neighborhoods all over town. One such style, Colonial Style homes, date back to the 1600s when the first British Colonists arrived on America’s shores. Fast-forward to today and Colonial Style homes are not only some of the most highly sought-after homes in St. Augustine but also some of the more recognizable thanks to a number of defining characteristics like distinctive symmetry, steeply pitched roofs, decorative entryways, and minimal color schemes. So. if you're a home buyer searching for a Colonial Style home in St. Augustine, you're are in luck because there are several amazing communities that uniquely…

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St. Augustine Neighborhoods With Coastal Modern Homes

Even though St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, that does not mean that all of the city’s homes are historical. In fact, those looking for a more modern architecture style will want to be sure not to overlook St. Augustine's robust housing market, as home buyers will find a number of communities that feature Coastal Modern design, a style that reflects a perfect blend of the signature elements of sleek modern style with the traditional, casual coastal atmosphere. Located just beside the Atlantic Ocean, coastal styles feel right at home in St. Augustine, and adding a little bit of a modern touch creates a design aesthetic that fuses tranquil beachside living with a contemporary feel.

Davis Shores

Davis Shores is a St. Augustine…

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St. Augustine New Construction Communities With Single-Story Homes

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, and with over 450 years of history it remains a destination beloved by guests and residents alike. Despite the city’s age, there is no shortage of new construction communities just waiting for residents to move in and call home. Among these newly constructed neighborhoods are several that offer single-story homes, which have many advantages, especially for those who may have trouble using stairs on a regular basis.

Silverleaf Village

Located in St. Johns, Silverleaf Village is one of the largest communities being developed in Northeast Florida. Silverleaf Village features four different floor plans from which homebuyers can choose, two of which are single-story. These three and four-bedroom…

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Jacksonville Neighborhoods With Coastal Modern Homes

The most populous city in all of Florida, Jacksonville is a coastal city that attracts residents from all across the country and around the world. Naturally, it makes sense that Jacksonville is also home to a number of communities that feature Coastal Modern homes, a style that is quickly gaining popularity among active home buyers. In short, this distinctive design style is known for blending casual coastal design with some of the most distinguishing traits associated with modern architecture. Coastal Modern homes are known for being streamlined and minimalist, incorporating natural colors, textures and materials, and making the most of the surrounding place and space. Jacksonville is the perfect place to settle down for those who are drawn to…

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Jacksonville Single-Story New Construction Homes

Situated on the shores of northeastern Florida’s Atlantic Coast, Jacksonville is one of the state’s most lively and bustling cities, offering residents countless opportunities to enjoy the beach, local dining, boutique shopping, and seemingly endless outdoor activities. Jacksonville continues to flourish, with new construction communities in development that will serve as forever homes for new residents and locals alike. Many of these communities feature single-story floor plans, which are often easier to navigate than two-story homes for a lot of home buyers or those who may have trouble using stairs.

Seven Pines

Seven Pines is a vibrant, master-planned community of new homes spread across over 1,000 acres that offers walkable neighborhoods,…

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Coastal Modern Homes in Jacksonville

The Modern Coastal home is actually the marriage of two different styles, fusing traditional, casual coastal design with those distinct features known to be associated with modern architecture. The Coastal Modern home commits to the space, taking care to exist in harmony with its environment. It is built with intention and makes itself a part of the ecosphere. As with all modern designs, these coastal structures blend beauty and function. The Coastal Modern home is aware, if not reverent, towards the space it occupies, taking care to incorporate all of the natural elements of the coastal environment. One can expect to see some commonalities within all of these markedly unique homes. 

Natural Tones, Textures and Materials

A Coastal Modern home is…

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Colonial Style Homes in Jacksonville

The true origins of Colonial Style homes are rooted in various parts of the world, but they first arrived on our shores in the 1600’s with the first British Colonialists. Eager to build houses on the land that would eventually become the United States, they sourced local materials such as wood, brick or stone, to recreate the familiar structures they had left behind in Great Britain. Later the Spanish, Dutch and French would settle in different regions along the eastern seaboard and the south, bringing their own distinctive architecture with them. 

Colonial homes were the most prominent and defining homes of the newly growing U.S. until roughly 1765-1783, the time of the American Revolution, when they were ditched in favor of the new architectural…

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