Best Dog Groomers Jacksonville FL

So what makes an excellent dog groomer, you ask? If dogs could talk, they might say the best groomers are the ones who make pets and their owners happy with the work they do. Great dog grooming businesses in Jacksonville focus on health and safety, create a welcoming environment for pets and owners, and employ experienced staff who truly know how to handle the temperament and potential anxiety of each and every dog they handle. 

As dog owners, we know how important it is to find a quality grooming service that takes care of your dog. And if you're in the Jacksonville area, listed below are some of the best in the business. 

All Pets Grooming Salon

6110 Powers Ave #10, Jacksonville, FL 32217 | Website 

All Pets Grooming Salon is a highly…

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Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture Stores in Jacksonville, FL

Mid-century modern is a style popularized in America and Europe in the 1950s and 1960s. But as you might have noticed, it's a design trend that never really went out of style, and many local furniture stores and related establishments sell new, used, and authentic mid-century modern furniture that will make any Jacksonville home's interior magazine-worthy. So if you're interested in updating your home with a mid-century vibe, consider a visit to any of the best mid-century modern furniture stores in Jacksonville.

European Leather Gallery

11744 Beach Blvd STE 106, Jacksonville, FL 32246 | Website 

As the name suggests, European Leather Gallery sells leather furniture collections, including luxury Scandinavian furniture, which is the epitome of…

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Jacksonville Gated Neighborhoods With The Best Community Pools

While having your own private backyard pool sounds like a wonderful idea on the surface, on-going pool maintenance can be time consuming, expensive, or both. So what’s the solution if you love to swim, sunbath, or enjoy sitting poolside with a good book? Well, finding the right home in a Jacksonville neighborhood with a community swimming pool is one solution. And to help get your search started off in the proper direction, we've conveniently identified a number of Jacksonville gated neighborhoods with the absolute best community swimming pools. 


The Midtowne townhouse community has a classic row home vibe reminiscent of something out of Washington DC’s Georgetown neighborhood—albeit with some modern additions like spacious wide-open…

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Jacksonville Gated Communities With Best Amenities

Jacksonville is a desirable Florida city that isn’t short on equally desirable gated communities and neighborhoods. With a population north of 900,000 residents, the Jacksonville area is defined by 22 miles of pristine Florida beaches, an expansive urban park system, and some of the best golfing you’ll find anywhere in the country. And in terms of housing, there’s nothing quite like the privacy and security of a gated community, especially one that has an amazing collection of amenities, like the ones featured below. 


Tamaya is one of Jacksonville’s largest and most prominent gated communities, featuring a whopping 2,400 homes, all built by ICI Builders. Situated roughly 12 miles east of Downtown Jacksonville, Tamaya homes for sale…

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Jacksonville Gated Golf Course Communities

There are countless reasons why living in a gated community can be an attractive proposition for Jacksonville home buyers looking for a new place to live. For some it’s the privacy and security, others it’s the common amenities and community events and gatherings. But in a city like Jacksonville, where lush tropical landscaping and year-round sunshine make for the perfect golf setting, the idea of being able to hit the links from the comfort and convenience of your own neighborhood is just too good to pass up for any number of home buyers in the market. So if you’re looking for that perfect gated golf course home in Jacksonville, these gated golf course communities are the best place to begin your search.

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club


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Map Best Neighborhoods Jacksonville FL

Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville FL

Executive Summary / disclaimer:  "best" is subjective.  When looking for the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, be careful who you listen to... everyone has an opinion, but it's absolutely subjective.  That being said - I'm a REALTOR and I've lived in 6 different homes in the Jacksonville area including St Johns county.  I've purchased additional homes that I've flipped or rented, so I have my opinion but I'm also privy to the information as to how many inquiries we have per location.  In addition, I have the intel on which locations resell the best.  One big tip if you are concerned about resale in the future = choose top school districts!  The list below is my opinion, does not necessarily include top school…

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Should I Buy a Home in 2022?

Are we all missing a major home buying opportunity?  

From 2020 - early 2022:

In 2020 through early 2022, rates were low, very low.  Everyone knew it! 

Buyers knew it was an incredible opportunity to buy a home at record low interest rates.  The big benefit to record low rates was lower monthly payments.  HOWEVER - most home buyers I've ever known will typically buy the home that matches their desired monthly payment.  Not the other way around.... think about that for a moment.  

Sellers knew it was an incredible opportunity to sell their homes because MORE buyers could afford their home.  Essentially, this created an ideal market for price appreciation, and that is exactly what happened.  

Home prices…

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Moving to Jacksonville FL

Moving to Jacksonville FL?

Updated Guide for 2022

Are you moving to Jacksonville Florida?  You'll love living in Jacksonville Florida!  We've compiled 10 of our favorite reasons why you'll love living here in sunny Jacksonville.  If you'd like additional information about relocating to Jacksonville FL, just reach out and we'd be happy to help out anyway that we can!

Already moving to Jacksonville?  Search homes for sale in Jacksonville FL

10 Reasons You'll Love the Opportunity to Relocate to Jacksonville FL

Keep in mind, there are WAY MORE reasons to live in Jacksonville than just these... In fact, we had to limit the list to get it down to 10 reasons.  It wasn't easy, but these are the main standouts as we see them.

1. The Weather…

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Swimming pools add value to your Florida home


Trying to determine the likelihood of getting a return on investment after building a pool for your home in Florida?  This question comes up often, and more often than not I believe the answer depends on several key factors.  

Key Factor #1:  Location of the Pool Home

Obviously you are researching info about building a pool for your home and you’ve landed on a Jacksonville Florida real estate website, so we are slightly biased to the value of a pool home in Florida.  I personally do not believe the impact of a pool is as great in the more northern / temperate climate states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, etc.  Florida on the other hand is nearly a year long pool use location.  

Even here…

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Should I sell my house now or wait till corona virus is over

A lot of home owners with big plans are going through this internal debate right now. A lot of questions are starting to float around.  Here are some of the questions we've fielded:

Are people still buying homes during the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Should I sell now while prices are still high?

Are home prices going down because of Corona?

Should I wait till the Corona Virus is over to sell my home? 

I'll answer all of these independently, but to summarize my recommendation:  You should only sell now if you meet all or most of these bullet points:   

  • Your home is market ready:  It's tight, nothing left undone, it's super clean and decluttered, no outstanding maintenance, no "ugh" factor when a Realtor walks through with their…

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