This past week I visited several Homes for Sale in Jacksonville.

While walking through the houses, my buyer client and I both noticed several Do It Yourself projects gone bad!

The Do It Yourself craze has been great.  We all have updated and upgraded our homes while saving money and learning some handyman skills.  Unfortunately, the quality of work hasn't always been stellar and a few projects stand out like sore thumbs.  Uneven grout lines, bad paint jobs, botched drywall patches, and messy crown molding are the usual culprits.

If you need to sell a home in Jacksonville and the house needs updates, hire a handyman that has done the work before.  If you already have a project gone bad - Get it fixed ASAP!  Buyers don't want to come in and have to…

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7 Tips to Sell a Home in a Buyer's Market

  1. Expectations: Set them appropriately.  Homes take longer to sell in this market, but they ARE selling.  Is your home waterfront?  Waterfront homes in Jacksonville are always in demand, but competition is higher so set those expectations towards longer times on the market.
  2. Professional Jacksonville Real Estate Agent: Find one (like me).  Hire them to List your home for sale, but make sure they have a marketing and selling plan that works!  By the way, I'm backed by RE/MAX Specialists........"No one sells more homes than RE/MAX"
  3. Pricing: Be realistic about pricing.  Forget about what the homes are priced for around your home, it only matters what they are actually selling for.  Price it lower! There is…

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