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We've curated this list of the 5 highest priced homes currently on the market in Jacksonville.  Keep in mind, this is Jacksonville only and does not include any of the Ponte Vedra homes.  Obviously, these are riverfront homes in some of the most prestigious areas of town or mega waterfront lots and luxury homes in other areas throughout Jacksonville.  

Clearly - We'd love to help you purchase one of these beauties!  

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Jacksonville Real Estate Market Predictions 2016

Our 2016 Local Jacksonville Real Estate Market Predictions

About every year I make predictions for the upcoming year, and like every year past... some are obvious and some are a little more "out there".  So without further delay:

  1. Prices are going up in the under $250k category.  
    1. We see houses that were $140k a year ago and are now $170k+
    2. Well priced homes are selling in days, not months.  
    3. Multiple offers are common under $200k when priced aggressively from the date of initial listing.
  2. Mortgage rates are going up. Duh.
    1. Fed fund rate already increased by a quarter point in late December 2015.
    2. Projections from most economists point towards a consistent and slow increase.
  3. Deals are available when buying! ....in the
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We love this video!  This is one of the best ads that Realtor.com has ever done!  The problem it addresses:  Many homes aren't displayed on Zillow, and we've gotten our fair share of "complaints" about what is displayed on Zillow but we have essentially no control over what they decide to display and what they decide to leave out.  If you are shopping for a home, Zillow is a tool, but if you want to see ALL homes on the market within our Jacksonville MLS:  Use a site like Realtor.com or even better... use our site!  See all homes on the Jacksonville MLS.  


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8 signs working with wrong agent

Are you working with a Zero or a Hero for a real estate agent?  It's easy to figure out, but often times you figure it out too late in the process and that can cost you in many ways like paying too much for the house that you want, or accepting a lower than needed price for the home you are selling.  Best thing to do, work with a professional Realtor from the start and make sure you know there stats!  

8 Signs you are working with the wrong real estate agent:

  1. Difficult Communication: 
    1. They don't return calls:  Sad that this is so common, but we routinely talk with potential buyers or potential sellers who complain that they've been calling and leaving voicemails for agents, and they just haven't received a return call.  Sad - but true!
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Open House Alert:  Come out and see this great Mandarin home for sale in Carriage Crossing on Sunday, December 13, 2015!

Date:  Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hours:  Noon - 4pm

Location:  12350 Carriage Crossing Ct, Jacksonville, FL  32258

VERY WELL CARED FOR HOME!  Some of the recent updates:

  • 2015 New Roof
  • 2015 New AC System
  • 2015 New Water Heater
  • New Oven and Microwave
  • Newer Refrigerator and Dishwasher
  • Wood Floors
  • Updated Kitchen Tile and Bath Tile
  • Offered at $235,000

All details and MLS data on this home:  12350 Carriage Crossing Ct FOR SALE

12350 Carriage Crossings Ct

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Jacksonville housing market 2015

There has been ongoing talk about the health of the real estate market here in Jacksonville Florida, and I'm seeing a long term trend that deserves noting.  We seem to have an ever decreasing amount of homes on the market as illustrated in the above infographic.  

It looks to me that this trend started way way back in 2007 just at the beginning of the housing and mortgage bust, but it's amazing that it has lasted this long with an almost certain downward aim.  

A few theories I have that is causing this:

  1. MOST could not sell for what they paid, so MOST decided to just stay put or rent the home out.  This could cause buyers to be in the market for an upgraded home but they would not be selling their previous home due to the lack of equity.
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The real estate market in Jacksonville Florida is hopping!  Check out the latest stats with our Infographic, and a little commentary following...

Real Estate Infographic Jacksonville FL

Around the country, the real estate market is in full bloom again, and here locally in the Jacksonville area we are finally seeing the same increases.  It is still a Sellers market as we have less than 6 months of inventory available for the amount of homes being purchased on a monthly basis, but unlike other areas of the country - we aren't seeing huge price spikes.  I'm fine with that, and most of us who went through the huge boom years and then survived through the huge crash years, would much prefer a smooth increase in prices vs. bubble pricing.  

A few key items in this infographic report that

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How long to sell a home Jacksonville FL INFOGRAPHIC

How long does it take to sell a home in Jacksonville FL?

The short answer is about 90 days.  That is the running average of the entire Multiple Listing Service in North East Florida.  That number is calculated by the day a listing hits the MLS to the day it closes.  This number is all inclusive of all property types and all sale types:  Land, condos, townhouse, single family, investment properties, etc.  and includes traditional sales, short sales, auctions, and bank reo foreclosed sales.  

So how long will it take to sell YOUR house?  

That's not quite as easy to answer without some information.  Some of our listings sell in 2 days and others are selling in 12 months.  So what's the difference?

  • Price point:  Under $150k is extremely
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This is it!  There is a small window of opportunity to buy a home and lock in one of the lowest interest rates we will probably see in our lifetime.  

As you know, the Fed has held rates extremely low and that is all about to change.  They've announced that they will absolutely be raising rates and it'll start happening at some point later this year.

If you or one of your friends or family members are considering purchasing a home in the next few years, now would be the time to make it happen!  Contact us and we'd be happy to help!

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Boom!  And just like that we are off to the races.  

Spring has officially shown up and so have the home buyers!  What you'll see in this real estate market update graphic below is the noticeable trend upward in Pending home sales.  This is an all telling statistic that I always watch.  In my opinion, the health of the real estate market fully depends on the home buyers' confidence to make offers and sellers willingness to go under contract to sell their home.  When this gets out of sync, we get in trouble.  

12 Months of Increases in Pending Sales

Another key stat on this graphic is the monthly percentage increase from the previous year's same period.  It's a trend of increases for every month over the last 12 months.  This is strong and shows

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