Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville

Executive Summary / disclaimer:  "best" is subjective.  When looking for the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, be careful who you listen to... everyone has an opinion, but it's absolutely subjective...  

Why you should listen to me: 

  1. I'm a REALTOR with over 18 years of experience within the Northeast Florida location. 
  2. I've lived in 6 different homes in the Jacksonville area including multiple locations within Jacksonville and St Johns county. 
  3. I've purchased additional homes that I've renovated and re-sold or rented.   
  4. I'm also privy to the information as to how many inquiries we have per location.
  5. I have the intel on which locations resell the best. 

One big tip if you are concerned about resale in the future: choose…

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Should I Buy a Home in 2022?

Are we all missing a major home buying opportunity?  

From 2020 - early 2022:

In 2020 through early 2022, rates were low, very low.  Everyone knew it! 

Buyers knew it was an incredible opportunity to buy a home at record low interest rates.  The big benefit to record low rates was lower monthly payments.  HOWEVER - most home buyers I've ever known will typically buy the home that matches their desired monthly payment.  Not the other way around.... think about that for a moment.  

Sellers knew it was an incredible opportunity to sell their homes because MORE buyers could afford their home.  Essentially, this created an ideal market for price appreciation, and that is exactly what happened.  

Home prices…

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I receive phone calls everyday about listings that I have for sale.  I receive calls from neighbors checking on the values, from drive by's who are just curious, from appraisers who are trying to do a nearby appraisal, from other licensed agents who are checking on the house, and from truly interested home shoppers.  

Don't have a Realtor

Many times the listing they are calling about is already under contract.  The truly interested home shoppers are always disappointed.  

What happens next, is in near epidemic proportions ...

I offer to assist them in their search, at which point they inform me that they already have a Realtor.  They'll usually go on about how they've been searching for a home for the last _________ months, and this home they are calling on would…

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Rising Mortgage Rates 2017

Time to make your move in 2017!

If there has ever been a time to capitalize on moving up, this is the time!  

That's right, make your MOVE UP in 2017 and benefit by both selling high and buying low.  How can that be?

  1. Selling High:  We have just finished several years of above average real estate appreciation.  In 2016, Jacksonville realized an 8%+ annual appreciation!  Your house is most likely worth more than you think.  Will this trend continue?  No one knows for sure.  There certainly appears to be a rise in overall consumer sentiment, and our local Jacksonville economy is growing so signs are pointing to positive.  
  2. Buying Low:  Rates are historically low, which gives you increased buying power.  That's right, you'll be able to buy…

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Banks agree to take a less than is owed on the mortgage due to a financial hardship on the Seller.  To do this, banks go through a valuation process to determine the market value of the real estate being sold.  In my professional opinion, the valuation process is flawed, but that's an article for another day.

Banks will not take low ball offers on a Short Sale in Jacksonville

It just won't happen unless there is a reason for the property to be sold for much less than the market value.  Examples that could cause low ball offers to be accepted:

  • House has had a fire
  • House has no kitchen, bath, carpet, doors, etc.
  • Mold has overtaken house
  • Major foundation problems
  • Flooded recently
  • Roof leaks causing destruction

For your normal…

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Step 1:  Get pre-approved before shopping for your Waterfront Home

Human nature dictates that we must always go shopping for a new waterfront home before we line up financing.  It's a fact of life.  Rarely have I ever met anyone that gets their financing lined up first before they started shopping.  I'm guilty as well.

The current mortgage market has made it increasingly difficult for home buyers of luxury homes, waterfront homes, and vacation homes to get financing.  CNN Money covered the issue very well:  $8mm in assets and can't get a mortgage.

The worst hit is the vacation home market.  Many of my contacts throughout the vacation home developers have stated that the only buyer is a cash buyer.  Most of the buyers who would normally qualify…

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Choosing where to live is all about lifestyle choices.  Most home buyers choose where to live based on their location to several key places:  work, schools, and friends and family.

Jacksonville is a unique city in that there is an opportunity to live in just about any location in the city and either be near the water or on the water.    If you are considering a home purchase, consider a home on the water.  You may need to stretch your budget a little, however a waterfront home will always be in demand when you are ready to resell in the years to come!

Top 5 Reason to Buy a Waterfront Home in Jacksonville Florida

  1. Demand: There is always a demand for waterfront homes when you are ready to resell.
  2. Boating: Fishing, water sports, or just…

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I'm getting more and more inquiries from investors in Jacksonville.  Many are asking for help finding a short sale, foreclosed, or bank owned REO home.

Real Estate Agent for Investors in Jacksonville

I've been a real estate investor in Jacksonville since 2005.  I've purchased some bad deals and some really good deals.  Finding the right deal is the hardest part - by far!

To find the right deal, know your exit strategy.  Do you intend to rent out for positive cash flow, flip for profit, or a combination of the two?  In today's market, a buy and hold strategy is dominant as you have a very good chance of having positive cash flow.

How to find the deal? You must know the rent rates of the area and the home you are considering.  If the monthly…

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Homes for Sale in Jacksonville -> Time is of the Essence!

If you are considering the purchase of a home in Jacksonville, don't try to time target the may miss it!

Key Factors to Buy Now:

  1. Deals: Deals are everywhere!  Most sellers who are not distressed sellers are becoming more realistic about today's Jacksonville Real Estate Market.
  2. Short Sales: Banks are getting very aggressive to move these homes before they have to foreclose and manage the property themselves.  They are very willing to take low offers to make it happen.
  3. Interest Rates: Rates are low but have started creeping up a bit.  Some estimates are saying this summer is it for low rates for some time to come.  Low rates = more buying power.
  4. $8000: Great…

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