Best Neighborhoods in St. Augustine FL

St. Augustine is one of Florida’s most cherished gems, as it is not only the oldest city in the United States, but also an incredibly popular destination for natives and guests alike. St. Augustine contains a wide assortment of unique neighborhoods that each offer their own signature flavor, attractions, and history. Whether you are a lifelong resident or new to the area, these St. Augustine neighborhoods are worth exploring.

Historic Downtown

The heart of St. Augustine, Historic Downtown is where the bulk of the city’s dining, shopping, hotels, and attractions can be found. This region is the oldest part of St. Augustine and some buildings in Historic Downtown date as far back as the 1700s. The neighborhood is extremely walkable and a day spent…

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Swimming pools add value to your Florida home


Trying to determine the likelihood of getting a return on investment after building a pool for your home in Florida?  This question comes up often, and more often than not I believe the answer depends on several key factors.  

Key Factor #1:  Location of the Pool Home

Obviously you are researching info about building a pool for your home and you’ve landed on a Jacksonville Florida real estate website, so we are slightly biased to the value of a pool home in Florida.  I personally do not believe the impact of a pool is as great in the more northern / temperate climate states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, etc.  Florida on the other hand is nearly a year long pool use location.  

Even here…

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This past week I visited several Homes for Sale in Jacksonville.

While walking through the houses, my buyer client and I both noticed several Do It Yourself projects gone bad!

The Do It Yourself craze has been great.  We all have updated and upgraded our homes while saving money and learning some handyman skills.  Unfortunately, the quality of work hasn't always been stellar and a few projects stand out like sore thumbs.  Uneven grout lines, bad paint jobs, botched drywall patches, and messy crown molding are the usual culprits.

If you need to sell a home in Jacksonville and the house needs updates, hire a handyman that has done the work before.  If you already have a project gone bad - Get it fixed ASAP!  Buyers don't want to come in and have to…

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