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Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville

Executive Summary / disclaimer:  "best" is subjective.  When looking for the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, be careful who you listen to... everyone has an opinion, but it's absolutely subjective...  

Why you should listen to me: 

  1. I'm a REALTOR with over 18 years of experience within the Northeast Florida location. 
  2. I've lived in 6 different homes in the Jacksonville area including multiple locations within Jacksonville and St Johns county. 
  3. I've purchased additional homes that I've renovated and re-sold or rented.   
  4. I'm also privy to the information as to how many inquiries we have per location.
  5. I have the intel on which locations resell the best. 

One big tip if you are concerned about resale in the future: choose…

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Bike Friendly Neighborhoods Jacksonville FL

For cyclists and bike enthusiasts, Jacksonville is a city that is filled with bike-friendly areas and many neighborhoods are perfect for those who wish to ride both for leisure and for commuting purposes. The city prides itself on its ever-expanding network of pedestrian and cycling paths that allow residents to access jobs, retail areas, and health facilities without the use of a vehicle. To date, Jacksonville is home to 887 miles of bike paths, share-used lines, and bike lanes that either already exist, have been funded, or are planned for the near future. Those who rely on bicycles as a primary means of transportation should consider putting down roots in one of Jacksonville’s many bike-friendly neighborhoods.

Downtown Jacksonville


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Moving to Jacksonville FL

Updated Moving to Jacksonville FL Guide for 2023

Are you moving to Jacksonville Florida?  You'll love living in Jacksonville Florida!  We've compiled 10 of our favorite reasons why you'll love living here in sunny Jacksonville.  If you'd like additional information about relocating to Jacksonville FL, just reach out and we'd be happy to help out anyway that we can!

Why you should listen to me?  

  1. I'm LOCAL - unlike many of these guides you'll see on the web, this is written from the point of view from someone who actually lives in the city!  
  2. I'm a REALTOR and I talk with people DAILY who are moving to Jacksonville.  
  3. I have the direct intel from those moving to Jacksonville as to what made them choose Jacksonville.  
  4. I have an…

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Swimming pools add value to your Florida home


Trying to determine the likelihood of getting a return on investment after building a pool for your home in Florida?  This question comes up often, and more often than not I believe the answer depends on several key factors.  

Key Factor #1:  Location of the Pool Home

Obviously you are researching info about building a pool for your home and you’ve landed on a Jacksonville Florida real estate website, so we are slightly biased to the value of a pool home in Florida.  I personally do not believe the impact of a pool is as great in the more northern / temperate climate states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, etc.  Florida on the other hand is nearly a year long pool use location.  

Even here…

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Currently the median time it takes to sell a waterfront home in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas is 155 days.  This number is taken from the Multiple Listing Service statistics of homes that have sold that are waterfront and navigable (dockable homes).

This is an interesting number of days considering the obvious higher price of waterfront homes versus other homes on the market.  What this should prove is the attraction for waterfront is still strong.

Another interesting find is the Median % price change is a 15% decline.  This is the % decline from the list price to the sold price.  Considering the market - this is good.  A "normal market" typically brings an 8% decline as most homes average 92% of list price to sold price.  Again, 2 good…

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Living on the water is a lifestyle.  If you are a boater, fisherman, water skier, or love the beach, there is nothing better than walking out your back door and enjoying your waterfront home.

Jacksonville is home to 3 bodies of water that provide many opportunities for waterfront living via the ocean, the intracoastal, or the Saint Johns River.  In addition, there are endless creeks, tributaries, and tidal marsh areas that expand our great waterfront city.

We have updated service providers for our Jacksonville waterfront homes for sale search.  You will now find searches available for Jacksonville waterfront homes, intracoastal homes, oceanfront homes and condos,  riverfront homes, waterfront properties, etc.  We have also included several popular…

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Stumbled across this site on the web this week:  Metro Jacksonville. These  guys are covering stories and news on many issues in and around Jacksonville, FL.

Topics include:  News, Urban Issues, Transit, Neighborhoods, Learning From, History, Opinion, Development, and Culture.  Great information, articles, and full of good photos in all of these sections.  Best of all, the site is what I consider "fresh".  Definition:  Not old school Stale!

They even cover different Jacksonville real estate issues and real estate developments being built in and around the city.  Great site, check them out.

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Jacksonville Florida Lifestyle

When shopping for a new home in Jacksonville, FL, one major consideration is your lifestyle.  Any house will be made your home, however your lifestyle is affected by the neighborhood and location in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra.  A few lifestyle considerations:

  • Family: If you have family in the area, you may want to live as close to them as possible.  Family gatherings, Sunday dinners, Birthday parties, child sitting, etc, is all easier when you are closer to the fam.
  • Beach/Ocean: Jacksonville residents live so close to what so many pay dearly to come and see.  The beach is a great attraction and a great place for family and friends.  Want to walk to the beach, ride a bike to the beach, or be a short drive?

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