Read about where to search historic homes for sale in North Florida. From discussing all the historic neighborhoods and districts throughout the region to the best places to buy a historic home, we cover all things related to historic homes for sale in North Florida. 

Charming North Florida Historic Districts

While North Florida has a reputation for its expanses of white, sandy beaches, abundance of nature and wildlife and access to water sports and outdoor activities, it is also a region rich with history. Several North Florida cities are hundreds of years old and they have unique historic districts that transport residents and their guests to an entirely different time. Taking a stroll down these breathtaking streets offers modern day inhabitants a glimpse into what North Florida looked like to those who called it home long ago. The wealth of history, timeless architecture, and numerous cultural attractions draw in prospective home buyers making these treasured neighborhoods destinations they’ll be excited to call home.

St. Augustine Historic…

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Jacksonville FL Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Wondering where some of Jacksonville's priciest homes are located? Home to some of the most luxurious neighborhoods in all of North Florida (which are well worth their elite price points), Jacksonville offers a unique blend of historic beauty and modern convenience. With amenities like full service private golf courses, cutting edge fine dining experiences, tennis courts, wellness activities, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and direct ocean access and views, the most expensive neighborhoods in Jacksonville turn “home” into a year-round vacation.

Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club

With equal shoreside access to the glistening St. John’s River, Greenfield Creek, and the Intracoastal Waterway, Jacksonville’s Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club is…

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Jacksonville Neighborhoods With Historic Homes

Most people who end up buying a historic home specifically sought out historic homes from the very beginning stages of their home search. Whether its the charming characteristics of an older house, the excitement of renovating a home and putting your own unique finishing touches on it, or simply the distinguished curb appeal that many of Jacksonville’s oldest homes undoubtedly possess, there’s truly something special and enticing about the possibility of owning your very own piece of history. 

So if you’re in the market for a new place to live and historic homes hold a special place in your heart, here’s a closer look at just some of the Jacksonville neighborhoods you’ll find a wide-range of historic homes and residences. 

Springfield Historic…

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