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Sell Your House in the Jacksonville Area

You need to sell a house in Jacksonville and you’ve landed here for a reason.....   You want to sell but don’t want to give it away! 

I’ll go ahead and break the news:  the best way to sell your Jacksonville house for a fair price, is to put the home on the open market with a trusted and proven listing REALTOR.  Every other possible short cut that exist to “Sell Fast” or sell your home with “No Fees” and “No Commissions” or sell to one of those "We Buy Houses" companies, will only result in selling for less than fair market value or with unfavorable selling terms. 

Only the open market = highest price and best terms. 
  • Want to sell your house as is:  best place is the open market. 
  • Want to sell your house FAST:  best place is the open market. 
  • Want to sell your house for cash:  best place is the open market. 
  • Want to sell your house to an investor:  best place is the open market. 
  • Want to sell your house for the highest price:  best place is the open market. 

Seeing the trend?  Over 19 years in the business of selling homes, and the open market has been proven to be the best option for almost all home sellers.  

What is the Open Market?  Your home is listed by a professional REALTOR and the home is input into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), where all agents are actively looking for homes for their customers AND your home for sale is automatically added to all the Broker websites, Realtor websites, home for sale websites including,, and Zillow.   It's the ultimate exposure when you want to sell your home for the highest possible price (regardless of condition) in the current real estate market.  

Map locations Sell Jacksonville House Steps to Sell Your House

  1. Listing Realtor - If you want results, hire a pro!  From home prep to marketing to negotiations to closing, we handle the entire process end to end.  
  2. Determine your goals:  It’s a big and important decision to sell your home and getting it all timed appropriately is a lot to consider.  Our proven process will help you make the right decisions as to which options are best for you and your specific situation. 
  3. Price your house to sell:  Pricing correctly is extremely important.  We work with you to determine the correct asking price and which pricing strategy works best for your situation and the current market. 
  4. Prep your house to sell:  Before hitting the open market, we will give you the tips and tricks to get your home ready for market and to bring in the highest returns. 
  5. Market your home:  Brad's proven system puts your home directly in front of the most home buyers possible for maximum exposure.  With your permission, we will even shop your home to the top investors and institutional home buyers who are actively purchasing homes in the Jacksonville area. 
  6. Show your home:  It’s showtime and potential buyers will visit your home with their licensed agent.  We recommend you NOT be at the house for showings… you’ll want the potential buyers to speak openly and freely with their agent while in the home. 
  7. Negotiations:  We go over all offers and all terms with you.  We will negotiate with the Buyer side to help get you the best offer and the best terms available in the current market.
  8. Close:  When the home goes under contract, we will manage the entire transaction from beginning to the closing table.  We handle everything and make it as easy and smooth as possible.  (we do not pack you or move you, you’ll have to take care of that yourself). 

Serious About Selling? 

Interview Brad Officer for the job, You'll be glad you did!

If you want results when selling your house in Florida, you'll need the odds stacked in your favor.  The best way to insure you receive the highest possible price and best possible terms in the current real estate market, is to hire a professional REALTOR who will be on your side.   

Benefit #1:  MAXIMIZE Exposure

The #1 job of your listing REALTOR is to maximize the exposure of your home for sale to the open market.  We use a combination of old-school and new-school marketing and sales methods to make sure your home is seen by the largest potential market for your home.  We do not employ any tactics to make your home look like a carnival ride or amateur hour, but instead your home will be presented in the most professional manner.  

Benefit #2:  ACCURATE Pricing

Choosing a list price would be easy if all homes were created equally, all built on the exact same lot, and all maintenance and updates standardized.  None of this is the case in real estate.  Your home, lot, view, updates, and maintenance are all variables in the value of your home.  Additional variables are the ever fluctuating demands for your specific location, for your specific neighborhood, for your specific school zone.  Add in the complexities of ever changing consumer confidence, local and national economy, and mortgage rates - and you can see how difficult pricing your home actually is.  It's one reason you see the For Sale By Owner homes come on the market grossly over priced and eventually sell at a much reduced price.   With over 600 homes sold, we are experts at pricing models and will consult with you to establish an accurate price.  

Benefit #3:  "SALES" front and center

Agents today come from many fields including retired professionals, teachers, firemen, coffee shop baristas, bartenders, delivery drivers, hair stylist, preachers, stay at home spouses, etc etc etc.  The list is endless.  The real estate courses required to become a licensed REALTOR are heavily focused on real estate law.  There is no "sales" training and almost no "sales" training is available at the national, regional, or local brokerages.   This is one reason why 49% of REALTORS sell only 1 or less homes per year!  Brad prides himself on his sales background that started during college and continued on through major corporate sales training courses including Xerox's famed "SPIN" training, the highly sought after sales training through the Southwestern Great American corporation, and specific real estate sales training from both Blue Sky and Echelon.  The early sales training combined with over 600 homes sold by Brad has given Brad the experience to best help his customers successfully sell their homes at the highest current market price available.  

Benefit #4:  EXPERT Negotiator

You'll need a skilled negotiator on your side when you Sell your Jacksonville house, and we are absolutely one of the best in the business!  Negotiations are happening throughout the sale of your house, not just in the initial offer / contract phase.  We will consult with you during all negotiations and work with you to achieve what you dictate as being in your best interest.  When it comes to selling your house and negotiations, you'll want us on your side!

Benefit #5:  REALTOR Representation

When you choose to Sell Your House, you are most likely entering into the largest transaction of your life.  You will absolutely need a REALTOR on your side, watching your back, keeping everything above board, and making sure you are protected THROUGHOUT the transaction.  You need YOUR OWN representation, not the Buyer's representation!  Yeah - some of these internet home buying companies and local "we buy houses" investors, have their own licensed REALTORS that'll be involved in the transaction, but are they representing you?  Typically, they are not.  Call us, we will be your Realtor and we've got your back!

Benefit #6:  EXPERIENCED Listing REALTOR

Don't trust a Newbie with your most valuable asset and certainly don't hand your home listing over to one of those BIG teams who employ the newest agents fresh out of real estate school! 

Some REALTORS focus on the Buyer side of the transaction, and some REALTORS have focused on the Listing side of the transaction.  We've been on both sides, and have a massive amount of experience on the Listing side.  In fact, Brad was initially licensed in 2004 and has been on the Seller side by representing national home builders and large scale developers when selling their properties on the open market. 

Brad was also one of the top listing agents during the mortgage meltdown years and worked hand and hand with many of the largest banks to short sale or liquidate their properties. 

In more recent years, Brad has developed multiple relationships within the hedge fund / institutional investor industry to help his customers have multiple options and multiple offers when selling their Jacksonville area houses.  

Benefit #7:  Expert Selling Consultation

We've found many home owners have loads of questions when they are anticipating Selling a House in Jacksonville.   We will answer all your questions and spend as much time as you need to vet us or the selling options available.  When you work with us to Sell your house, we won't force you into any agreements, we won't pressure you to take offers that you don't want.  Instead, we are on your side of the table and will consult with you throughout the entire home selling process.   We are on your team! 

Benefit #8:  Multiple options to Sell your house

Every home seller we've ever worked with has a unique situation and selling a home, moving, coordinating it all, can be very complex.  Throw in all the hiccups that happen when Buyers and Sellers are dealing with mortgages, cash flow, credit scores, family members, home inspectors, appraisers, insurance companies, movers, the next house, etc etc... and on top of all that you've got a unique situation we need to work with. 

This is why it's nice to have options when selling your house! 

We offer multiple options that include the Traditional Listing, the As Is Listing to sell your house As Is, and the Direct to Investors Listing.  Each option offers multiple benefits including the ability to sell your Jacksonville house quickly for those who need to sell fast.  Sometimes if you’ll permit, we go Traditional Listing and still go direct to Investors so that you'll have all the options available.  

Brad Officer Realtor

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The real estate market ebbs and flows as fast as the tides, and you'll want an expert on your side to navigate the uniqueness of our current market! We continuously study and monitor every small nuance of the market that can quickly give our home sellers the competitive advantage. As the market changes, we've tailored our services to best match what we are hearing from our customers and to provide home owners with multiple selling options.

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Agent Fees / Realtor Commissions

If you want professional services and the best results, you’ll need to hire a professional and professionals do charge commission.  Luckily for you, we do not charge anything upfront, and you owe us ZERO if we do not complete the job.  We actually work our tails off, spend our own money marketing your home, leverage our networks, provide expert consultation, negotiate fairly on your behalf… all with a promise to be paid at closing.  The commission we make is taken out of the sale proceeds, at closing.   Even when paying a commission to a REALTOR, you’ll almost always net more money in your pocket when selling on the open market with an experienced real estate agent.     

We can Sell Your House in these Locations

We sell houses throughout the Jacksonville Florida area and have the experience and a working expert knowledge of real estate marketing, sales, and transactions in: 

  • Jacksonville and Duval County
  • Ponte Vedra
  • St Augustine
  • St Johns County
  • Orange Park and Clay County
  • Yulee and Nassau County
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Neptune Beach
  • Atlantic Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best to sell my house?

If you want the best possible price when selling your home, hire an experienced local REALTOR to sell your home.  Regardless of condition, a professional and highly experienced local REALTOR will be your best option to sell your house. 

How Do I sell my house fast?


If you are facing foreclosure, short sale, divorce, or just need to sell your Jacksonville house quickly, we can help.  We have several "sell fast" options available including selling direct to investors by shopping your home to some of the biggest in the business…. We still believe you should take your home to the open market regardless of situation or condition.  We do this to bring multiple offers and multiple options to you and help you negotiate the best deal for your current situation. 

Can I sell my house As Is?  

Yes - you can sell your house As Is.  We have sold houses AS IS for years and in all different conditions ranging from nearly perfect to nearly torn down.  If you need to sell your Jacksonville house As Is, due to deferred maintenance or definitely needing repairs, we have several options for you to sell your home.  No problem! 

Will housing prices drop in Jacksonville Florida?

Over the long term, house prices have always gone up.  Jacksonville is unique in that we continue to have a growing population, and that has kept demand for houses fairly high but hasn’t shielded us from short term property value declines caused by increased mortgage rates, rising inventory, or any other short term ebbs and flows of the normal fluctuating real estate market.  

Is it a good time to sell my house in Florida 2024?  

Yes - as our Florida city of Jacksonville has grown in population, we continue to see strong housing demand.  

How can I sell my house more quickly?

Selling quickly involves not only pricing it aggressively against the current competition in your neighborhood and surround areas, but this is only one part of the sell fast equation.  The second, and equally important part of the equation is to improve the condition by showing pride of ownership via cleaning and cleaning and cleaning again.  If the condition is bad and not worth the investment of repairs, we'd recommend selling your house AS IS and quickly by pricing it accordingly. 

Easiest way to sell my house?

If you are really interested in the easiest way to sell your Jacksonville FL home, just contact us.   We handle every step of the home selling process from beginning to end, and will give you the expert consultation and representation you need in this most valuable real estate transaction.  Don’t get scammed and don’t give away your money to the house flipping companies.  If you want results, and you want to pocket the most money when selling your house, hire a pro!

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