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2022 home Seller options

The real estate market ebbs and flows as fast as the tides, and you'll want an expert on your side to help navigate the uniqueness of our current market!  We are continuously studying the market and closely monitoring every small nuance that can quickly give our home sellers the competitive advantage.  As the market changes, we've identified that not every home owner wants to sell their home via the traditional route.  We've tailored our services to best match what we are hearing from our customers.  Several options for you to consider:

Seller Wants It All

You:  Your home is in great condition or you intend to make necessary condition corrections to insure your home shows its absolute best.  In return, you will demand the highest price the market will bear.  You are 100% in favor of open houses and will keep your home in show ready condition.  (not to worry, we have a guide on "show ready condition")

Us:  We love you already!  When can we start? 

Seller Wants Limited In Person Showings

You:  All is good and the house is too, you just don't want everyone in Jax strolling through your house - and now that you mention it, you definitely don't want an open house with a bunch looky-lous.  

Us:  No problem at all, although this takes some extra skill on our behalf.  We would still want to allow showings within a very limited amount of time, maybe once per week?  We'd be extra diligent at making sure all parties interested are truly in the market and have the ability to purchase, and we'd highly encourage the use of virtual tours to our potential buyers.  We got you!  

Seller Wants to Sell and Buy Simultaneously 

You:  We really want to buy, but we've gotta sell to actually be able to buy.   You know this requires some juggling and jumping through a couple hoops, but you want it to work!  

Us:  We do it all the time!  Well - not all the time, but we've gotten pretty good making this all work. You'll want to spend some time with us to look at several routes that you can take and then pick the best for your situation.  

Seller Wants to Sell "AS IS"

You:  The house is good / not that bad / behind on maintenance / really bad condition... whatever the condition is, you just don't want to deal with picky buyers looking to have you rebuild the entire house for them due to some tiny minor chip on a countertop.... we understand!    

Us:  We have options for you!  If the house is in good to great condition, we can retail the house but sell it "as is".  Takes some skill and expertise, but we have plenty of experience doing this.  Another option is selling direct to an investor, and we've got the good ones on our speed dial!  

Seller Wants to Sell SUPER FAST

You:  We gotta go, like probably faster than what we are telling you!  We just had a "_____________" and we gotta get out of here asap!  

Us:  Stop reading, and call us right now!  This stuff happens, we've certainly sold our share of "gotta go" houses over the years.  We have investors that can do closings in as fast as 10 days.  You also have multiple options available to retail the house but drive an extremely fast sell.

We make your house look good!  

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy is designed to sell your home.  We use the best in professional photography, virtual reality tours, and drone photography, We have stagers available as well as a long list of handymen and tradesmen.  Your home will be marketed in all top searched locations as well as a complete social media blitz.  

Gas on the Fire, The X Factor, Hot Sauce on the Chicken:  

  1. Experience:  Over 15 years experience representing home owners selling their homes for top dollar.
  2. Modern Marketing:  We market where people are, they aren't reading the paper like they used to, but they are instead living online and so are we!  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, - we are there and so is your home when listed with us!  
  3. International Buyers:  Florida is a hotbed for international buyers, and RE/MAX Global has the international reach and exposure to keep your home front and center to those buyers.  
  4. Open House:  With your permission, we'd like to bring the market to your home using our Open House Strategy.  Carefully planned and marketed, we routinely receive 20+ visitors who are actively shopping for their next home.  
  5. Our Buyer Database:  We have thousands of potential home buyers in our database and hundreds of these buyers are actively looking for a home right now.  Your home will be front and center to these home buyers!
  6. NEGOTIATING!:  When selling your home, having the experience of hundreds of successfully negotiated home sales on your side is VERY important.  We negotiate to bring you the highest possible price the market will bare, with the best possible terms.  You'll want us on your side when negotiating!

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