Great Marketing Sells Homes.

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy is designed to sell your home.

Virtual Reality Tour

We create a virtual tour of your home that allows potential buyer's to "walk thru" by using a cell phone, iPad / tablet, any computer, or virtual reality goggles (especially cool way to see a home).

We use this tool in multiple ways: social media ads for your home, unique URL's for your home - advertised on the for sale sign in your front yard, etc.

Does it work? YES! Our listings have routinely sold to relocation buyers who have used our virtual tours to help make the decision to purchase the home.

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Drone Photography

We use drones to create unique photography angles showing a much more complete view of your home compared to standard real estate photography.

We use this tool in multiple ways: enhancing your home by better showcasing it's location within a community, view from the home, or proximity to attractions.

Does it work? YES! Enhancing your homes location helps to add value and supports your premium price.

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Pro Photography

We use professional real estate photographers to photograph your home.

Your home must look it's best and nothing will complement it more than professional photography. After years of trial and error, we know which pictures to strategically 'omit' and which pictures will best showcase the unique features or living spaces of your home.

Does it work? YES! Studies have found that homes with professional photography sell not only for more but also sell in faster time.

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Gas on the Fire, The X Factor, Hot Sauce on the Chicken:  

  1. Experience:  Over 15 years experience representing home owners selling their homes for top dollar.
  2. Modern Marketing:  We market where people are, they aren't reading the paper like they used to, but they are instead living online and so are we!  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, - we are there and so is your home when listed with us!  
  3. International Buyers:  Florida is a hotbed for international buyers, and RE/MAX Global has the international reach and exposure to keep your home front and center to those buyers.  
  4. Open House:  With your permission, we'd like to bring the market to your home using our Open House Strategy.  Carefully planned and marketed, we routinely receive 20+ visitors who are actively shopping for their next home.  
  5. Our Buyer Database:  We have thousands of potential home buyers in our database and hundreds of these buyers are actively looking for a home right now.  Your home will be front and center to these home buyers!
  6. NEGOTIATING!:  When selling your home, having the experience of hundreds of successfully negotiated home sales on your side is VERY important.  We negotiate to bring you the highest possible price the market will bare, with the best possible terms.  You'll want us on your side when negotiating!

We make your house look great!

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