Top 5 reasons I require an Attorney for your Short Sale:

  1. Professional Legal Representation vs. Real Estate Agent Representation:  Who would you rather have negotiating with the bank, your short sale attorney or your real estate agent?
  2. LARGE amount of money negotiations:  This is not a $1000 credit dispute with your Dillard's credit card, this is most often tens of thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  3. Future impact:  The results of these negotiations will be lasting for years to come.  You want to make sure you get the best possible terms available, and ultimately a full release of any future obligation to repay.  
  4. Private financial documents:  A copy of your current financial documents are required, who better to handle these than your hired legal representation.
  5. Hired to complete a job:  Your attorney is hired to handle all negotiations with your bank.  REALTORS are hired to market and sell homes.

Why our Jacksonville Short Sale attorney is, in my opinion, the best:

  1. Knowledge base:  I've been courted by quite a few companies and attorneys wishing to complete short sales for my customers.  I've met with many attorneys and many of these short sale negotiator companies, and the attorney that I work with was the only one who knows more about short sales than I do.
  2. Track record:  They have completed thousands of short sales to date....2014.
  3. Insider Contacts:  Completing short sales sometimes requires calling a known "contact" at a bank that can make it happen.  After thousands of completed Short Sales, the attorney has the contacts to make it happen.
  4. Process in place:  They have a full process in place to handle the mammoth work load involved with Short Sales, and if an employee is out - the work load is spread to other employees.  
  5. Assigned negotiators:  The most experienced staff members do the final negotiations while being completely overseen by the attorney.
  6. Real Estate ONLY:  Many attorneys who advertise help with Foreclosure and Short Sales, often push towards bankruptcy.  You want a Short Sale completed to solve your real estate problem.  This attorney does not do bankruptcies.
We are required to notify the public that we have no financial affiliation and no partnership of any kid with any short sale attorney or accounting service.  We have several attorneys who complete short sales, but our opinion of who the best at completing a short sale is nothing more than our opinion based on years of successful short sale closings.  You, the general public are able to use any short sale attorney that you see fit.  The National Association of Realtors also suggest you speak with your Accountant to go over any potential tax liabilities.  
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