Waterfront Land For Sale in Jacksonville FL 

Searching for vacant lots on the river in Jacksonville?  Or looking for waterfront lots on the intracoastal?  Surprisingly, waterfront lots do exist on the river, intracoastal, and even on the ocean.  

What to look for when buying vacant waterfront land

Depends your level of comfort and adventure, but I'd highly recommend buying a vacant waterfront lot in a more established area.  You can get a better feel for what water levels will do over time by investigating the neighbor's houses.  "High and Dry" means different things to different people.  If the lot has an existing dock and functioning bulk head, then you should definitely have that lot on your list!

Search vacant land on the St Johns River and lots for sale on the ocean in Jacksonville Florida Area.  

Waterfront Lots For Sale

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Pitfalls in Buying Vacant Waterfront Land in Jacksonville Area

Some expenses that most people do not consider and can absolutely add up quickly:

  • Bulkheads:  Do you need one?  What type bulkhead would be preferred in your area?  They can be incredibly expensive, but just because a lot already has one doesn't mean it's not going to be a money pit.  They do need routine maintenance and inspection to make sure they are functioning as intended.  Highly recommend having your bulkhead questions answered by a specialists.  
  • Docks:  Why live on the water without one?  A large expense for most of us, a dock is going to set you back.  One major unknown for most waterfront lot buyers is the distance required to get out to deep enough water.  You'll want to consult with a dock builder expert before pulling the trigger on vacant waterfront land.  
  • Flood levels:  Obviously you'll run your own search about flooding, but you may have to build up the land to get high enough to actually get affordable insurance.  You'll have to weight the costs, but just because a neighbors house is at one level, doesn't mean you shouldn't build your building pad up higher.  

Cost to build Waterfront Homes in Jacksonville

We get inquiries from around the country looking for cost to build on waterfront land in Jacksonville, but there is no rule of thumb.  Much of the cost to build lies in the cost to get to a buildable lot.  If the lot needs to be cleared, if fill needs to be brought in, and then difficulty of access.  Once you get to a buildable lot, you have so many variables in quality of construction, that we just can't best guesstimate for you.  

One thing is certain in custom building a home on a waterfront lot:  It'll cost more than you initially budgeted.  But isn't that always the case?  I've rarely met anyone that didn't blow through their initial construction budget when they were building a higher end project.  It's just part of the charm of custom building...  :)

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