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List your home with us for just 1 week....

...if you don't like us, Fire Us!

Anytime after the first 7 days - if you aren't happy, just let us know and we will cancel the listing agreement.  

no cost.

no penalties.

no hassles in cancelling.  

Don't get stuck in a 6 month unbreakable listing agreement with a DUD of an agent!

One of the biggest concerns of most home sellers has been getting locked into a long term, unbreakable contract with an under-performing Realtor when trying to sell their home.  We've made it easy to avoid this problem.  

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How we make your home stand out

Buyers are going to see your home and thousands of other homes on the market for sale when searching online.  They'll be looking at some of the top home searching websites and will quickly make decisions of homes they want to see and homes that they'll pass on.

We want your home to make the "must see list" when home shoppers are making appointments for showings.  

It's a super competitive landscape, and you'll want your home to stand out!  We work our butts off to make your home stand out, and here are some of the ways we do this:

Professional Real Estate Photography

Brad Officer Listings

How to list your home for sale

List your home for sale

We've found that no matter the type of house, age of house, location, or price of the home, ALL buyers love great photos!

We use professional photographers for all of our listings.  Your house deserves it, and we know great photos will bring great buyers to see your home.  

Our select photographers know how to make your home look it's best, and will spend the necessary time to get the right angle and the right light.  They spend countless hours color correcting and cropping all the photos to help your home get the needed advantage.  

Pro photos are a necessity!

Professional Videography

Every house receives a video that we market via Youtube and several other video platforms.  We have several video options, and are always changing it up to try different styles that will attract the right buyer.

Video can tell the story of your home and help potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home.  

We've received a lot of feedback on the use of video within our marketing, and it's all good from the Buyer's point of view!

Facebook Marketing

The Officer Group - Brad Officer

Once we've created the photography and videography, we can get to work marketing your home on some of the most visited websites OUTSIDE of the normal real estate websites.  

Did you know the average adult checks Facebook OVER 13 times every single day!  

You probably know some people that are skewing that average even higher!  

We are able to market directly to potential home buyers using our Facebook Marketing Platform.  While most agents are still trying to figure out what to post, we are busy marketing our listings directly to potential home buyers.

In fact, we've had over 1,000,000 impressions on Facebook thus far!!!


Open Houses!

The Officer Group - Brad Officer

Do open houses actually work?  You bet they do!

We want open houses so that we have the opportunity to get an immediate reaction from the potential market about your home's listing.  We will get an immediate litmus test of your home's attractiveness to the market, and will find out any potential obstacles in selling the house.  

The key with our open houses:  We plan!  We market!  We do the work to bring in the potential buyers!

We hear this all the time, "We weren't even thinking about moving, but we saw the advertisements and decided to have a look".... 

On top of that... we sell many of our homes from the open house!  They absolutely work!

Give us just 1 week, and if you don't like us... Fire Us!

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