In 2007 Jacksonville had 7300 licensed real estate agents who were members of the local MLS board.  That's a lot of local Jacksonville REALTORS running around.  Those numbers do not include all the builder and developer agents who were not active as "general real estate agents" as they were just representing the builder or developer.  Therefore, they did not need access to the MLS.  Either way, that's a lot of licensed agents!

Today, there are approximately 1900 less.  According to our local MLS, we have 5400 REALTORS locally.

Annual dues are hitting the mailboxes of those 5400 Jacksonville REALTORS, so I'd bet we have a few less starting in 2012.

Of the 5400, I'd say less than 20% of those are full time agents.  I'm sure there are some stats out there about this, but stats are only good if everyone fills out the questionnaire....which will never happen.

I say less than 20% are full time REALTORS for several reasons:

  1. Many of my personal friends who are licensed, are not full time.  As a matter of fact, most of my friends who are licensed, do less than 2 transactions per year.
  2. I see the same REALTORS showing my listings over and over again (And I have listings ALL OVER the place). Only occasionally do I see a new name.
  3. The National average is less than 5 transactions per agent?  That is horrible, but can only be due to so many part timers.
  4. REALTOR confessions!  Many agents I do business with, flat out tell me they are just doing this part time as they are really a ___________________(fill in blank with profession).

So what does this mean for the consumer?  The home buyer?  The home seller? I think it's obvious.  If you want professional help, use a full time professional Jacksonville REALTOR.  I probably wouldn't use a part time mechanic, attorney, doctor, accountant, etc., as I'd want that specific professional to be up to date with the most current industry information, trends, training, and hands on practice.  The same should be for your REALTOR.

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