Another Successful Wells Fargo Short Sale Closed!

Posted by Brad Officer on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 at 12:42pm.

Wells Fargo Short Sale Success!

All banks take too much time, ask for too many repeat documents, and overall just drag their feet in a short sale.  All of them!  Rarely is there an exception, but sometimes there is a single short sale that tries to break the mold.

One of our most recent short sales attempted to clear the air for Wells Fargo.  

We received a strong offer on a newly listed property within just a few weeks of listing the home for sale in the Southside area of Jacksonville.  The offer had contingencies of approval of inspection, approval of financing, and of course lien holder approval of the short sale.

Within 30 days, our hot shot attorney group had negotiated and gotten the short sale approval letter from Wells Fargo!  Will this be a new trend with Wells Fargo?  I doubt it.  That knee jerk response is from half a decade of doing short sales with them, and the fact that most short sales have so many variables that a fast track is near impossible.  Either way, we are happy when they go fast and I know our sellers were very happy!

Are you thinking about short selling your home that has a Wells Fargo loan?  Read all about short sales by visiting our Short Sale Realtor page. 

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