Bank of America HAFA Short Sales

Posted by Brad Officer on Friday, June 4th, 2010 at 11:48am.

Bank of America has been flooded with Short Sales.  They have been making large strides forward with helping to streamline the process.  One major move forward was the Equator system which allows for a more streamlined document uploading system.  It also allows homeowners, the agent, the attorney, and Bank of America stay on track with what is needed next......a great improvement!

Bank of America flooded with request for HAFA Short Sales

With more and more Americans who are underwater on their home finding out about the HAFA program that started on April 5th of 2010, Bank of America has been flooded with request for short sales.  In Jacksonville, FL, almost half of my short sales are Bank of America.

In Bank of America fashion, they brought on external help.  They have now started a strategic partnership with several processing companies to help work just the HAFA short sales.  I'm currently working with one of the companies and the results have been great.  They do not represent the seller, so I still require my sellers to work with an attorney for legal representation, but they do help move the process forward.

Interesting fact I picked up: Bank of America is currently getting 50,000 request for short sales a month! That is HUGE!

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HAFA Info from National Association of REALTORS

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