Bank United Short Sale Success

This short sale gave the Short Sale Attorney a work out.  We sold it once, and the buyer's got cold feet.  We sold it a second time, and the buyer lost their financing ability after we had the approval.  Third time was the charm!

Bank United is relatively quick at processing a short sale, but they are a dirty player.  As part of their requirement for short sale approval, they required a 1% of the purchase price real estate fee be paid to Green River Realty Group LLC???  Who the hell is that?

Green River Realty Group LLC?  Bank United's contracted robbers?

And guess where that money was paid from......directly from my pocket.  And guess what would happen if I didn't short sale.

Is that extortion?  It has to be.  Robbery is when the person stealing from another person is armed with a weapon.

The Good News: I am very happy for the Seller as they were able to finally sell a house that had long been a thorn in their side.  And - the buyer got a great house at a great price for their family.

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