Do you believe in ghost?  What about ghost houses?

Ghost Houses Jacksonville FL

Well it appears Jacksonville is full of "ghost houses".   

That's what we are calling the houses that get listed for sale without any pictures of the actual house for sale. (not actually haunted houses)  

Jacksonville's Ghost Houses:  This is a real thing!  

These "ghost houses" are put up for sale by the hired Realtor who has signed a listing agreement with the home Sellers.  

Why would anyone agree to putting their house up for sale without having pictures of the home?  ... That we can't answer...  but it makes us wonder.....

Does the home owner know their home has no pictures showing it off in it's best light?

Does the home owner know how important the first impression is!

Does the home owner know how important curb appeal is in real estate sales?

Does the home owner know how this could end up impacting how long the house stays for sale on the market and how that directly coincides with selling at the highest market value?

Does the home owner understand the impact this could have on their bottom line... the amount of money they end up pocketing from the sale of their home?

I'm betting the home owner thinks they've hired the best Realtor and their home will be marketed to the absolute best potential buyers who will agree to pay the absolute highest market value. 

News Flash:  Home Shoppers are Looking at.... PICTURES!  

We study the stats and trends of home buyers.  We have to... our livelihood depends on knowing what we are doing!  One MAJOR trend reported by NAR (National Association of Realtors) and every other possible surveyor of home shoppers:  OVER 90% of home buyers are using the internet to search for homes.  What the 10% are doing, we have no idea.  

Another key stat.  A more local stat.  One that we follow closely:  Over 27,000 homes changed hands LOCALLY in the Jacksonville area last year.  That's a lot.  You gotta believe there are more than that many people looking online at homes for sale.  

If you believe this stat of over 90%, you have to ask yourself this question:  What are all these people looking at on the internet? 

We know what they are looking at:  Pictures of Homes For Sale! If they are flipping through the homes on the market in a specific neighborhood or price range, and they run across houses with no pictures... would you believe they are becoming more or less interested in that specific house?  We don't know either, but we can only guess.  

Look closely within the list below for the "Ghost Houses" (Houses with no pictures, but supposedly exist)

***Point of Information:  They really aren't Ghost Houses... they just don't have pictures.  Sad that we feel the importance to disclose this, but it's probably smart.  Again:  The houses below with or without pictures aren't haunted houses or ghost houses... we are are just bringing to light the fact that some houses listed for sale don't have pictures.  

Truth be told:  We don't believe in Ghost, Ghost Houses, or Haunted Houses... for the most part

We really don't believe in "Ghost Houses".  This is an article about a pet peeve of ours.  An article that calls into question the importance of marketing with your best foot forward.  Obviously any of these homes without pictures do exist, they are not ghost houses, and I'm sure they are worth every penny the owners are asking. However, in our professional opinion they've launched their home for sale improperly if they do in fact intend to receive top market price.  

Positioning to Win!

We believe in positioning to win.  That's our angle, period.  We want all the cards stacked in our favor when we list a house for sale... after all, this is a competition against all the other houses that are for sale.  We want you, the home owners, to win!  When you win, we win!

We position for the win by following our Listing Launch Plan.  This insures we are marketing a home to the right clientele and that they'll make strong offers on our listings.  

If you'd like to read about how we market our listings for top dollar:  Sell my house

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