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How long does it take to sell a home in Jacksonville FL?

The short answer is about 90 days.  That is the running average of the entire Multiple Listing Service in North East Florida.  That number is calculated by the day a listing hits the MLS to the day it closes.  This number is all inclusive of all property types and all sale types:  Land, condos, townhouse, single family, investment properties, etc.  and includes traditional sales, short sales, auctions, and bank reo foreclosed sales.  

So how long will it take to sell YOUR house?  

That's not quite as easy to answer without some information.  Some of our listings sell in 2 days and others are selling in 12 months.  So what's the difference?

  • Price point:  Under $150k is extremely fast in just about every part of town.  It takes much less time to sell a $150k home off Kernan blvd than it does to sell a $950k home off Heckscher.
  • Location:  This is obvious, but some some locations are more desirable than others.
  • Location within a community:  Within every community some locations are more desirable than others.
  • Condition vs List Price ratio:  In every micro market within the Jacksonville area, there is a ratio that exist between the list price and the condition of a home.  If the home is in top condition for the neighborhood and is priced at the absolute premium price, it could take more time to sell vs. pricing the home more aggressively.  Likewise if a home is in rough condition, the list price must reflect the condition.
  • Type of Transaction:  Short sales take forever but Foreclosures can be fast.  Traditional, seller owned homes, with equity (non-short sale) can be very fast as there is a great market available for these homes.  
  • Type of Financing:  We see cash transactions happen in 15 days and less, conventional financing at 30-40 days, and FHA and VA are almost always pushing 40+ days for closing.  That's days from the point of Buyer and Seller agreed upon and executed purchase agreement.  
  • Your Agent:  Does your agent matter?  - Oh absolutely they do!  Take an agent who puts a sign in the yard and prays vs an agent that actually has a plan to get the home sold and you'll get two totally different experiences when selling your home and this can also heavily affect the timeline to sell.  

Check out a sample of our marketing when we list your home:  Home marketing.  

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