In the last year I've had several very fast sales.  I qualify fast as less than 30 days, also see car image to left.  They were so fast that I actually decided to brag a little and put a few of them front and center on the home page of this site. They were so fast that on several I didn't even get the for sale sign back from the sign company before they were sold.

Why did these Jacksonville Homes sell so fast?

  • Condition:  The sellers not only kept the houses up to date, but also repaired any issues pre-listing.  With such a competitive landscape of homes for sale, buyers are very picky.  They deserve to be!
  • Clean:  Condition and Clean are two separate things.  Condition is quality of home finishes like base boards, doors and windows that work, etc.  Clean is clean.  The sellers of these properties had extraordinary clean homes.  They were clean when they were listed, clean when they were shown, and clean when the sellers moved out.
  • Curb Appeal:  Too often I see sellers cut back on irrigation or even cut off irrigation.  I see sellers completely stop all lawn maintenance.  That's a recipe for failure and I now require my listings keep the home landscape in top a condition of the listing.  The homes that sold fast had continued landscape maintenance even when they were vacant.
  • Location:  Ahhh, the old saying, but it's true.  Homes that are in "borderline" areas will sit on the market forever.  I've had/have several of those listings.  In this market, those are tough sales only combated by extremely low pricing.
  • PRICE:  With traditional sales, non short sales, I recommend pricing.  We discuss the comparable sales and competitive active listings.  With Short Sales, I set the price and the pace to price reductions.  Short Sale pricing is a fine line between market value and a tiny percentage less that the bank will most likely accept.  It's no secret that price sells!
  • Pictures:  Curb appeal starts on line as over 90% of all home buyers search on line for over 40 hours during their home search.  When buyers are shopping on line, do you think they are reading all the fluff?  NO.....they are looking at the price and the pictures.  I provide top quality photography for all my listings.
  • Marketing:  It could be in the best condition, be super clean, have incredible curb appeal, be priced very aggressively, and have the best pictures, however if no one can find it - the house doesn't exist.  I use a marketing plan that insures the home is available and seen on the highest volume real estate websites and some of the not so known home searching sites.
  • Professional REALTOR:  Self promotion coming next:  There are over 5000 REALTORS in the Jacksonville area.  Let's be honest, over half of them probably have other full time jobs.  Another large majority do a sale or two a year....probably their family buying or selling.  And then there are the full timers.  Of the full timers, reputation goes a long way.  Agents, representing buyers, like to know the seller's agent know what he/she is doing.  They like to know that this isn't your first, second, third, or even 30th transaction.  Fortunately, I've been able to maintain a solid reputation within the REALTOR ranks as a professional agent that knows how to get to the closing table.
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