Top Secret to Selling your Jacksonville Home

It's amazing how many homes go on the market for sale and just sit.... and sit ......  and sit ...... and keep sitting.....

They get showings, but they just sit. Unsold.  Still sitting unsold for days.  Those days eventually turn into weeks and eventually into months and longer.  

To rub salt in the wound:  The neighbor's house sells in 4 days!  

The Sellers think:  This is embarrassing!  and then starts thinking,  "why the heck hasn't my house sold?" 

or even further...


Then this thought hits: "It's gotta be my Realtor!"  The Seller talks with their Realtor, and hopefully the Realtor has some suggestions, and hopefully the Seller takes those suggestions and puts them into place immediately.  

But for whatever reason (and about now the Seller is just wishing someone would tell them what it is) the home continues to sit for sale, lingering on the market while neighbors' homes "fly off the shelf".  

When you get to this point, you are royally screwed!  It's true.  The stats show that the longer it takes to sell your home the higher the chance that you'll end up selling at a deep discount or never sell at all.  

Now that doesn't sound like the best scenario.  Neither of those options sound like something you want to do.... 1. Sell for a deep discount, or 2. Never sell.  After all, you put the home on the market for a reason, right?  You want to sell your home.  You have places to go and people to see, and this current house is in your way of your plans. 

So how do you avoid all this mess?  

Here's the #1 Secret Why Homes Sell:


That's it -  Pride of Ownership is the #1 secret to selling your home.  It is really that simple, but clearly not that easy.  

It's the #1 reason why homes go on the market and sell in a short period of time.  

As a matter of fact:  Every home I've ever sold in less than 30 days was due to pride of ownership.  

What is Pride of Ownership?  Well - that's the problem, it's hard to quantify exactly what it is, but when you see it - you know.  It's not just clean, it's not just well organized, it's a combination of many things but here is a short list of no brainers that'll help get you on the way to Pride of Ownership:

  • CLEAN!
  • All Lightbulbs working
  • NO dust
  • NOTHING missing / broken
  • NOTHING left undone... trim pieces, flooring thresholds, etc.
  • Well organized everywhere including closets, pantry, garage, etc. (yes, potential buyers do open your closets and cabinets)
  • All trim caulked and painted
  • Locks and door handles working and non-sticking
  • Grout on any tile filled and cleaned including floors, walls, bathrooms, etc.
  • No squeaking doors / drawers
  • Carpets perfectly cleaned / no stains / no wear patterns
  • ALL major mechanical items are well kept and working and most often newer:  HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing
  • Garage well organized with everything in it's place
  • No "junk" in the garage.... 15 old bikes are too many for any family!
  • Mulch is fresh with no weeds in the beds
  • All trees and bushes are well trimmed and cared for
  • No maintenance is needed.... all maintenance is done, routinely, and done right!  

It's an obvious list - yes, but for some reason this house is hard to find on the market today.  It's hard to find because they are sold in days of going live on the market.  Ultimately, it's the reason why homes sell super fast, vs sitting for months unsold.

One HUGE caveat:  This home MUST be priced in line with the market or you'll suffer the fate of over-pricing, which is equally as painful!

What happens if you DON'T have this type home or you DON'T want to bring your home up to this high standard:  You can only compete on price, aka you'll need to start with a lower asking price to attract buyers who recognize it's priced lower due to the "love" that is needed.  

If you'd like a real-world assessment of your home:  Contact us!  We'd love to help BEFORE you go to market.  

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