Need a Short Sale real estate agent in Jacksonville FL?

Why go through foreclosure if you can Short sale the home in Jacksonville?  Wiki definition of short sale here. If you are underwater in Jacksonville, FL, here is the correct path to take if you have a hardship and need assistance:

  1. Loan Modification: If your home is too far upside down in value - don't bother doing one of these.  You will just be financing an over valued property that may take a DECADE before you break even.  Go to step 2 below.
  2. Short Sale: You must qualify, but this is option #2.  The house is sold out on the open market for the going market value....which is typically much less than is owed.  The lenders are much more open to taking a short sale in today's market.  The New York Times recently wrote an article on short sales. You need a real estate agent who does short sales in Jacksonville.  I'm helping many home owners with short sales every day.  Contact Brad for short sale assistance.
  3. Deed in lieu of foreclosure: Option #3, happens if you can't get it sold through a short sale process.  You work with the bank for them to take back the home by you deeding it to them.  The banks have been reluctant to go through with this as they would rather take their medicine by short sale.
  4. Foreclosure: Your absolute last choice.  If you start working with a short sale specialist soon enough, you should never get to this stage.  The banks don't want your home - they already have plenty.

Frequently asked Short Sale Question:

QUESTION: By far, the most frequently asked question, "When you help me do a short sale, how much does this cost me?".

Answer: Zero out of your pocket for my services.  There is a listing agreement to get the home on the market and a commission is paid once we find a buyer and close on the property.  The commission is paid from the funds of the sale which reduces the amount the bank receives from the sale.  You as the original owner, walk away with no money from the sale and no money out of pocket to pay any closing service or commissions.

Several short sale articles are below.  If you find yourself facing foreclosure, consider the much better alternative of a short sale.   It is a better option and much less hard on your credit score.

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