Question of the week:  Should I wait to put my home on the market?

Short answer:  No

Short answer with caveats:  No, but sometimes yes.

Timing the market on the best time to put your home up for sale to insure the highest premium price is almost impossible.  I'm in the business, and I see pros and cons at every time of year, but even I sell when I'm ready and not based on a specific time of year.

Points to consider when trying to time a home going on the market:

  • The obvious:  Your home is prettier in the "green" months.  That's the months that your grass is green, so fortunately for us here North Florida, that's every month except for January and February.
  • Your timing:  Do you NEED to move due to a job, family matters, finances going up or down, etc?  If you need to move quickly, you should just put the home up for sale ASAP.  Otherwise you risk the stress of a last second listing to try and get it sold in too short a period of time = MEGA stress on you the owner.
  • The competition:  Yes, sure most buyers are in the market during the summer months, but also more Sellers are on the market during those months.  The competition is higher and owners are much more fierce to get it sold when faced with many competing properties.
  • Everyday houses are purchased:  I sold a house 2 days before Christmas several years ago.  Last year I had a REALTOR call and request a showing on Christmas day for some out of town, "must buy something today" home buyers.
  • Selling during the Holidays:  I'm always floored by the number of people who are in town visiting family and decide to get out and look for vacation homes during the holidays.
  • Business' make changes at the new year:  Every business seems to make big changes in the beginning of the year.  That includes new hires, transfers, etc.  Executives swoop into town and have only a few days to locate and contract for the purchase of their new family home.
  • BONUS POINT TO CONSIDER:  Mortgage rates are ridiculously low.  Therefore, home buyers have much greater buying power now than when the rates start going up.  Your chance to get a higher price is here and now.

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