Buying a Home in Jacksonville?

Have you noticed how many are short sales?

Be careful! Not all Short Sales are created equally!

Top 5 reasons you should buy our Short Sale Listings:

  1. Sellers are screened: Who wouldn't want to bail out of an upside down house right?  Well, not everyone can.  In fact, it's very difficult to convince a bank to allow you to sell for less than is owed.  Sellers need to have a true hardship, and I meet with every seller before their home gets listed for sale.  If they don't have a true hardship, I don't list the home as a short sale.
  2. Sellers are screened by an attorney: Ditto the above.  Once they are screened by me, they meet with an attorney who digs a little deeper.  The attorney's don't want to waste their time on short sales that won't be approved, so they advise sellers to their ability to short sale successfully.  If the attorney advises limited success, we don't take the listing.
  3. Sellers represented by an attorney: Negotiating with a bank is part process and part skill.  There is a lot of back and forth paperwork and a lot of knowledge is needed once the negotiations actually begin.  Our sellers have the best attorneys in town representing them.
  4. Highest success rate: The success rate for a short sale nation wide is only 17%.  That's horrible!  Our success rate is 90%+!
  5. Knowledge base: Short sales are new to most REALTORS.  Brad Officer & Company have been completing short sales since 2007.  We have a better knowledge base than the typical agent, therefore we know how to get the deal to the closing table.

BONUS: Stick with it!  If you decide to purchase a short sale, it takes time.  Some approvals happen in less than 30 days, but the majority are within 60-90 days.  The buyers that stick with the house throughout the long approval process and make legitimate offers, get the home!  Stick with it, and it's yours.

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