Benefits of Buying a Home With In-Law Suite

As a prospective home buyer, chances are you'll likely have plenty of options to consider when looking for a new place to live, even during a down market when inventory is low. Typically, well-prepared home buyers craft a wish list of features they want in a new home and prioritize these items based on a variety of factors, which may range from budget and lifestyle to location and the amount of living space needed. 

While budget and location tend to be the highest priority items for most home buyers, living space generally isn't too far behind, especially if you're someone in a multigenerational living situation or likes to host house guests frequently. If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider buying a home with a mother in-law suite, which often provides the extra living space you need without the premium price a home with a guest house typically commands. As you might expect, the advantages of an in-law suite are seemingly endless, and trust is when we say the bonus living space never goes out of style. 

You’ll Have More Space

More and more of us are considering multi-generational living. By buying a home with an in-law suite your aging loved ones will be able to be more comfortable while living out their golden years. They will have a separate space that is all to their own. They can retreat to their private area when they need some alone time, as well as when you need yours. Another point to remember is your loved ones mostly likely have different decorating taste than yours. This will provide a space for them to display all their treasures without disturbing the aesthetic flow of your own space throughout the rest of the home. 

✓ Space for multigenerational living

✓ Guests and/or family member have more space & privacy 

✓ Great for extra storage space 

You Can Save Money 

Less costly care involves so many aspects! Food and housing are the big ones that come to mind. Think of the money you will save on food alone! You can plan your meals and save on groceries. Assisted living as well as 55 and over communities are extremely costly. By buying a home with an in-law suite you will be saving thousands monthly. Then with this additional savings you can have fun thinking about all the money you can spend or invest in other ways. 

It’s also ideal to have them stay at your home when you go on vacation. Not only can they be there to get the mail and newspaper, turn on and off the outside lights, water your plants, place out the garbage can, but if you have pets, you just saved your money on boarding! Boarding pets can easily add up to $500 or more depending on where you live and how long you are gone for. By letting the parents take care of your pets, you can spend that money on souvenirs, a delicious meal, or an exciting excursion!

✓ Combining resources to save money 

✓ Sharing in household responsibilities 

✓ Save on pet care & lodging when traveling 

Your In-Laws Can Grow with Your Children

Children need a lot of support, love, and care. With their grandparents living in the in-law suite, you are providing this support through their wisdom and guidance. They can also offer your children different perspectives and knowledge of lessons learned. Emotional support is a precious tool that can be provided not only for your kids but for your aging loved ones as well. They both will create beautiful memories spending time together through board games, movies, helping with cooking or the things you and your family cherish. In doing this, you are also teaching your children how you would like to be taken care of when you are older.

✓ More family bonding time 

✓ Extra emotional support 

✓ Creating more family memories 


Buying a Home With a Mother In-Law Suite

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You’ll Have Peace of Mind

You know they will be safe and well cared for. Remember that famous commercial where they featured older people falling and not able to get up. With an in-law suite that nightmare of a commercial is not an issue for you or your loved ones. You will be there if they require any assistance or extra help. You know they will be much loved and can monitor any additional needs or wants they may have. You will also reduce any extra driving time that would have been used to deliver a prescription or home cooked meal. 

✓ Avoid commercial assisted living situation 

✓ No more commutes to visit older family members

✓ Family is always there is extra help is needed

You’ll Have a Place For Guests

Easier holidays are always happier when guests have a room of their own. Therefore, when buying a home with an in-law suite, you can use this place as a guest room if you don’t have aging parents! This will allow for friends and relatives to have a place of their own. They will love having their independence of being able to either make a cup of coffee in their room along with waking up and going to bed on their schedule. Jet lag is a real concern for those traveling from different time zones. A place for them to retreat is ideal for getting them back on schedule as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your time together. 

✓ Great space for and and all house guests 

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