Coastal Modern Homes in Jacksonville

The Modern Coastal home is actually the marriage of two different styles, fusing traditional, casual coastal design with those distinct features known to be associated with modern architecture. The Coastal Modern home commits to the space, taking care to exist in harmony with its environment. It is built with intention and makes itself a part of the ecosphere. As with all modern designs, these coastal structures blend beauty and function. The Coastal Modern home is aware, if not reverent, towards the space it occupies, taking care to incorporate all of the natural elements of the coastal environment. One can expect to see some commonalities within all of these markedly unique homes. 

Natural Tones, Textures and Materials

A Coastal Modern home is likely to have a neutral color exterior and be built with such natural materials as stone and timber. The inspiration from its seaside location continues inside the home, where it is common to see driftwood sculptures, woven accents or wicker chairs, offset possibly by an elegant modern glass coffee table. While staying true to the bright colors of the beach in carefully chosen pieces, the Coastal Modern home trades in the splashy, surfboard kitsch of yore with a more tasteful, minimal design and a subdued palette to calm the senses. The Coastal Modern home draws in the elements of nature in its colors, its materials and in its fabrics. It is a comfortable, serene haven for the home dweller.  

Sleek, Streamlined and Minimalist

The clean lines of the structure itself, as well as minimalist interior design, such as camouflaging cabinets and choosing decor that is in keeping aesthetically with nature, allow the occupant room to breathe and relax. Simple, yet comfortable couches are placed strategically to face the ocean. Inviting rooms are free of clutter. The sleek curves of furniture, consistent flooring materials and abundant windows are all conducive to a centered mind and body. Industrial lighting keeps it modern, while ample soft pillows signify comfort and history. Outdoor and indoor furniture often echo the calm of the environs. Neutral and bright color tones and textures combine to soothe the senses and provide a visual as well as tactile relief from an otherwise chaotic world. 

Coastal Modern Homes in Jacksonville FL

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Open Plan Living

A typical Coastal Modern home will favor an open plan design to the divided rooms of traditional coastal houses. The kitchen will extend into the dining area and living room, allowing for clear lines of vision. The elimination of walls makes for uninterrupted sunlight filling the space. Another attribute of the open space floor plan is the unimpeded air flow. Big windows allow fresh, cool ocean air to reach the far corners of the house, reducing the need for cooling systems in the summer. They also allow more sunshine to cascade over the living areas.

Sense of Place and Space

Commonly people choose to live near the ocean as a retreat from the hectic pace of city life. There is a feeling of tranquility and calm near the ocean that draws people to its shores. For this reason, architects maximize their space to bring in as much of the outside world as possible. One example is over-sized horizontal windows that make the house feel like a continuum of the beach, or skylights which flood the house with natural light and fresh ocean air. Vertical windows highlight large swaths of nature and spectacular views. If not located directly on the beach, outdoor courtyards and even swimming pools can create the feeling of being near the ocean, with the same fresh scented breezes permeating the air. 

Relaxed Living Amidst Nature

Coastal Modern homes capitalize on their gorgeous surroundings by integrating nature with the space. It is this connection with the dazzling external nature and all of the natural elements placed within the home that creates the feeling of being in a beautiful seaside retreat. Though modern, there exists an earthy aesthetic in nature-inspired palettes, indoor plants and the rhythm of the waves, grounding you in the space. Both weekend visitors and those who take up permanent residence in these modern gems feel meditative, revitalized and soothed by the sounds, smells and views of the vast and gorgeous sea.

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